Laziest Sunday EVER

I’m pretty sure there is an ass imprint on the couch. I’ve been there ALL DAY LONG.

And it has been FANTASTIC.

We finished the ENTIRE series of SATC and are now watching the movie! 😀

Oh yes!

Dinner was easy.

I baked some shrimp rubbed in Chili Lime seasoning and some brussel sprouts with a little lemon juice and salt and pepper with some nuked rice.

028027 032 034 035 037 038 

Easy peasy. And satisfying.

If you haven’t noticed lately, I’ve been trying to up the ante on the veggies. I’ve been attempting to load my plate up with more veggies, less starchy/meat whatever stuff.

040 041

I’m off to finish SATC! Laziest day ever! Loving it!



The Best Leftovers Ever

Hands down: Lasagna.

It is The. Best. dish as a leftover.

I think it tasted even better today than yesterday.

I had one piece plus some slop.


And a piece of garlic bread (plus a nib).


And a very soggy, and an even garlickier Caesar salad.


Check out Jodus’ salad:


Holy croutons, batman!

With a lemon water!


We have been planted on the couch all day and it has been phenomenal. Exactly what the doctor ordered.



Check out this site I just discovered! You know how there is Mix My Granola? Well, not you can do personalized bars with Element Bars! How fun is that?!


Blueberry Muffins

As I am sure many of you have seen, Stonyfield’s Blueberry Muffins have been cropping up everywhere in the blog world. 😉

Obviously, I have an excess amount of blueberries in my kitchen.

I decided to give Stonyfield’s recipe a try.

I teamed my Stonyfield yogurt up with some Bob’s Red Mill flours. I combined Teff and Oat flours.

001 002 003 004 005  007 008 009 010 011 012 013

Jodus made me an iced coffee and we ate in front of the TV watching SATC (again).


Honestly, these were not the best muffins I have made, not even close. I’m not sure if it was my flour experimentation or not using the Oikos version of yogurt but they were very dense, not very sweet, and the blueberries mostly settled to the bottom of the muffins. Don’t get me wrong, they were decent muffins. I’ve just done better. I’ll need to experiment more. I love the idea of using yogurt in muffins, which I have never done in the past. I think that I need to experiment more. I am a very novice baker. That’s one reason i haven’t experimented on the bread maker yet. But I need to. Very soon.


Lasagna and More

Sorry to be MIA yesterday! It was a crazy day! I’ll just dive right into it!

Jodus and I got up at 7am so he would have time to squeeze in his 9 mile run. His half is just 2 months away! I fixed him a quick pre-run breakfast and since we were planning on eating a real breakfast together afterwards, it wasn’t much.


1 date filled with natural peanut butter and a smidge of his banana.

While he was off burning calories, I was preparing to refuel him. I made our lunches since we were going to be out and about for the day and want to save $$$.

I watched Greys (YAY!) and caught up on my Reader.

Then I got to work on breakfast!


Blueberry Pancakes!

017 018 022 025

Jodus’ stack was much prettier than mine.


We finished getting ready then headed out. Jodus got a haircut. I gassed up the car. Then we headed down Lake City Way which is pretty much lined with car dealerships.


And Starbucks! It is Seattle after all! Got to support our local businesses! 😉 We got Grande Pumpkin Spice Soy Misto’s. Ok, that’s a lie. I got soy, he got nonfat. Got to save that $0.40! 😀

[Enter 5 hours of car shopping here]

Somewhere in the midst of sleazy car salesmen, we stopped for a quick bite before we ended up killing someone.

What I had packed:

013 015 016

A Salami + Muenster sandwich on Dave’s with leftover Confetti Couscous, a string cheese, and banana.

Side note: I used to HATE getting the heel of the bread, but when it is Dave’s, I will fight tooth and nail for it! 😀

At the last minute, I ended up throwing another string cheese in there, just in case I wanted one. And I did.

027 028 029

You may have noticed that we decided to forego the Museum Day we had planned. Yeah, it was just too much crammed into a small day. But it’s okay. We’ll still go at some point, it will just be on our own dime.

When we finally got home, empty handed but with a possibility in mind, we had to just sit.


We watched one episode of SATC with some Black Box Chardonnay-nay.

I may have also had another glass of Chard while cooking.

And then dinner prep began. We ended up having a couple over. The same couple with the alcoholic baby. 😉

The menu:

Hor d’ourve: Tomato/Basil/Mozzarella skewers drizzled in balsamic glaze

Starter: Caesar Salad, made 100% by Jodus, from scratch (except the croutons!)

Main Course: Venison Lasagna with garlic bread (provided by Nate & Hillary)

Dessert: Apple Crisp (provided by Nate & Hillary)

Sounds fancy, hu? 😉

The Lasagna Making:

The Meat:


Plus onion and garlic and eventually sauce.

038 046

The Cheese Filling:

033 034 035

Add spinach:


The Noodles:

032 039

The Layering:

I’m sure my mother will tell me wrong but this is how I did it. The Brown Rice Noodles fell apart and split very easy so I was left with very few mostly in-tact noodles. So there is only two layers of noodles.

First: Layer of sauce (1/3)


Second: Layer of noodles (3)


Third: Layer of cheese (1/2)

051 055


Finish with a layer of sauce on top.

056 057 059

The Baking:

Bake at 350* for 40 minutes, covered in tin foil. Then remove foil, cover with cheese and bake another 20 minutes.


Remove and let cool for at least 20 minutes. THIS IS KEY!

Caesar Making

I didn’t make it so I don’t know all the steps but here’s the pics I snagged.

040 041 042044 047 070

The Hor d’ourves:

060 061 062 063

Other Stuff:

064 065 067 068 069

My portions:

[Unpictured: maybe 3 tomato/basil skewers, a glass of red wine]

071 073 074


Hillary brought apple crisp that was buttery delicious!

075 077

It was quite the enjoyable night! We were ready to hit the sack by 10:30.

It was an exhausting day. But a productive one.

Be back soon with Sunday morning breakfast!