Loosen Up Your Belt

The Belt Musical Festival was … um… festive?

Actually, not really. Belt is a tiny town 30 minutes away from Great Falls. It’s a few miles off the highway and if you blink, you may miss it. It’s pretty much just known for Beltian beer. (Which we had some of last night!)

037 038

The “Music Festival” consisted of a tent with a one man show, a bouncy castle, and 2 bars that had live music.

The first bar was Black Diamond. A real classy joint. 😉

040 039

$1 beer!! 😀


Look who we ran into!


Ryan was in Belt with his dad and saw us walking around and popped in to say hi!

045 042

I’m pretty sure he could have gotten away with ordering a beer in this joint, at 15, without a second glance. It was weird seeing kids in bars just hanging out.

The cover band was decent, the locals all knew them. We stuck out like a sore thumb. Jodus had 3 beers, Mom had 2, and I had 1.


Can you believe that?! It’s almost worth moving to MT for! 😉

Second stop was The Brew Pub.


Jodus and Mom had some beers, I was D.D. We had fun playing a few rounds of pool. I got beat by Mom and Jodus.


Mom sucks at breaking. This is hilarious.

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It was a good time had by all.

We headed home with 2 Growlers.


I had to literally drive over 3 miles on a gravel road to get back to the highway! That’s Montana for you!

When we arrived home, I needed FOOD. I was a Starvin’ Marvin.

We did a repeat of yesterday and just munched on crackers, cheese, salami, and dip.

075 082080 

We tried teaching Summer how to stand.

087083 090 085

Eventually, we got around to making dinner. Mom had a wonderful Indian menu planned. (Dot, not Feather!)

I was a bum and just goofed on the comp.


Last night, we prepped the marinade for Tandoori Chicken.

030 027


It looked incredibly appetizing coming out of the bag today. Yeah, right. It looks like puke.

110 111 115 143

She also made brown jasmine rice with dried fruits, spices, and nuts and Masoor Daal.

129 103 105 107 108 109 117 119 127 

We served had some beer with dinner.


I had a tiny glass.

Mom said it looked like a kids drink so she put a cherry in it. 😀


We served naan with dinner.

 162 153 154 155 159

It was delicious! I’m hoping to snag leftovers. 😀

Some random shots from tonight:


That’s me freezing in my mother’s AC house.

097098 100

136138 140

091152 077



Like Mother Like Daughter

L4LM0M does Leftovers For Lunch too! Wonder where I got that from… hmm. 😉

We had a corn salad.

007 008 016 017 018 021 022 028

And a BBQ Brisket Sandwich on a Montana Whole Wheat bun.

019 020 027


It was pretty messy. But really tasty!


I may have had seconds of the corn salad.


And we sipped Montana Beers.

015 025

Ok, now we are really going to Belt!



My mom is spoiling us this Labor Day weekend.


Doesn’t that look amazing?


Cooking is in my genes.


Breakfast was fantastic and Mom makes it look so easy.


Typically, the richness of Hollandaise on Eggs Benedict is too much for my stomach but Mom’s was perfection with a hint of lemon. Her secret?


That’s right folks! And it is actually much healthier than traditional Hollandaise Sauce. I will be investing in this sauce packet for easy Eggs Benedict, or Béarnaise Sauce.

We spent the morning leisurely looking through Bridal Magazines and surfing the web.

Eventually, we will shower and be semi-productive. We are thinking about hitting up the Belt Music Festival today… But the sun is hiding and I think I am going to curl up and finish Julie & Julia instead. Or for now, anyway.