I feel so much better than I did a few hours ago. Let me tell you why.

Traffic sucked big monkey balls (pardon my French) and by the time I made it home, checked the mail, and made the following odd snack (black beans, sour cream, salsa), and changed, I had approx 35 minutes until I needed to leave to go pick up boy. This one car thing is a drag already.

029 030

I opted to maximize time by doing a Yoga Download instead of wasting another 10 minutes driving to the gym.

I did Power Yoga #1 and it felt good. Not a fantastic sweat-producing, calorie burning workout I was going for but it gets the job done.

After playing chauffer, I got to work on dinner.

Lucky me, the oven was already preheated. (Oops! Forgot to turn it off yesterday! Eeks!)

I chopped up zucchini, squash, mushroom, and asparagus and topped it in a little EVOO, salt, pepper, butter, and white wine.



Threw it in the (hot) oven until everything else was done.

Boiled some noodles.

Reheated some Cibo Naturals Alfredo Sauce.

And plated.

038 042

And I shared a can of Root Beer with the boy.

036 043

After dinner, I packed our (leftover) lunches for tomorrow. Step One of Preparedness Complete.


While I was at it, I chopped up some veggies for Friday too. Step Two of Preparedness Complete.

I boiled some eggs to have for breakfast tomorrow. Step Three of Preparedness Complete.


And I test one to make sure it was edible. 😉


Cooked to perfection!

Step Four and Five of Preparedness has yet to be completed but will be as soon as I am done with this: pack gym bag for tomorrow (time saver!) and pick out my outfit in the morning (stress saver!).

Hopefully with this amount of preparedness, tomorrow will be a breeze.

How much do you prepare ahead of time?

The boy and I worked on Music Selections for the ceremony today! We have 2 of the 4 songs locked in and are deciding the other two but have it narrowed down. It’s kinda goofy doing this. The hotel literally gave us a list of 57 songs to choose from. This will be interesting but relatively painless (Thank God!).

Ok, I’m off to finish my list of preparations for tomorrow.

Looking forward to tomorrow going off without a hitch!



Needing Routine

As soon as I published this morning, I ate a granola bar sample I had gotten… somewhere.

Not bad. Definetely sweet but I liked the texture and chewiness. Not the most impressive nutrition label so I wouldn’t buy them with my own money. But I’d eat it again.

I tried drinking the Green Monster again, and it was a no go. So I opted for something extremely delicious instead.

A Venti Pumpkin Spice Soy Misto. I can’t get enough Pumpkin Spice!

For lunch, I had a pathetic little spinach salad with some leftover black beans, tomato, and Sabra hummus.

With a string cheese.

And a yogurt parfait made with plain Chobani, Nature’s Path Agave Plus Granola, and strawberries.

I am going to the gym today! Cause for celebration! I’m getting off work early again so there is no excuse! And to be honest, I’m really feeling gross from the lack of activity and excess food lately. Eeks. So ready to get into a routine again. But that’s not likely to happen any time soon. School starts soon. October is crazy with family visits. Then it is basically the holidays!

How is the rest of your year’s calendar shaping up?


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Lordy this was a stressful, crappy morning.

H2B accidentally hit dismiss instead of snooze so he rolled out of bed about 20 minutes late which made me late.

I didn’t pack lunches last night (again) so I was stressed to get that ready. And breakfast.

We currently only have the one car (Acura is still at estimators) so I have to take him to his vanpool.

As a result, I made a crappy breakfast.

The not-so-crappy part was 1/3 of an apple topped with my *new* Montana Honey Almond Butter.

It’s mostly honey, not so nutty. A little sweet for first thing in the morning.

And I made a Green Monster with spinach, soymilk, and a not-even-close-to-being-ripe banana.

As a result of the unripeness of the banana and the lack of ice (oops), this GM sucked. Majorly. And since I was in such a rush, I packed it to-go, so I didn’t even try it til I got in to work. And it was gross. I don’t know how Jodus managed to choke it down. I stuck it in the fridge to see if that would help? FAIL.

So I am going to either a) dunk into my AM snack early or b) scrounge up something else to complete my breakfast, here in the office.

On the upside, I’m here ridiculously early which means I will get to skip out early and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get my phat @$$ to the gym. The Phat Diet on top of Road Trippin’ has not been kind to my body. And I’m sure half a carton of Butter Pecan “Ice Cream” last night didn’t help matters.