First Class of Fall

It is past my bedtime and I am blogging in bed. This can not be regular thing. Something will need to get figured out. We’ll see how this goes with my new schedule.

Right now, it is still light out when I get to campus but I know it won’t stay that way for the rest of the quarter. The leaves are turning a beautiful red color already and the air is quite crisp. I made the mistake of not bringing a jacket for sure.

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Right before class (5:20pm), I ate a banana.


Usually, we are eating dinner 6:30-7, which is smack dab in the middle of my class, so I need to figure something out. We get a few 10 minute breaks but that is hardly enough time to enjoy a meal, much less go to the cafe to heat anything up and consume standing up, trying not to scald your tongue like I did today.


On our third little break, I ate a larabar because the one slice of lasagna didn’t quite do it for me.


This was my first time with the lemon bar. I love all things lemon. And this did not disappoint.

As far as class goes, I quite like my instructor and her teaching methods (so far), I share the class with an old acquaintance from my WSU days, and I happened to sit next to a girl that is interested in Bastyr’s nutrition program as well! Lucky me!


This morning, while at work, I emailed Jodus a very detailed “How to make your dinner” message.

He was ridiculously cute and took probably 10+ photos of his (late) adventure and here are a few (taken with his Blackberry).

He had grilled venison with roasted carrots and brussel sprouts and wild rice.

boy pic 03 boy pic 04 boy pic 01 boy pic 02

Isn’t that adorable? I really want to get him set up and acquainted with wordpress/live writer so he can maybe do a guest post here and there for these kinds of nights. I think you all would enjoy his point of view on things.


You guys have a couple more hours to get in any last entries for the giveaway though I doubt anyone will seeing how it is 10pm PST. 😉

I really appreciate all the entries and comments thus far, and as a result of this giveaway, my blog has seen it’s two consecutive highest traffic days ever! I hope that some of you readers will stick around! I’m excited to scope out your blogs too!


I am off to bed. Well, I’m in bed already. I’m off to shut this down and go to sleep. Happy Hump Day!



Jammin’ Lunch

Morning Snack

I know, I’m insanely boring with the morning snack routine. Any ideas to mix it up?


I got a tiny bit more creative with my leftovers today by combining two different nights!

Last night, I added some extra whole wheat pasta noodles to the night before’s stir-fry veggies that literally only had a spoonful of brown rice hiding in there.

It was delicious. I call it “Faux Lo Mein”!

Jam Session at the Hospital

On my lunch break, I went to the hospital real quick to drop off some more lab work.

Tangent: did I tell you guys that I am having another radiology sort of test on Friday? Well, I am. Now you know.


So, when I got out of the elevator, I was pleasantly surprised by music floating into my ears! I swung by the lab and then wandered to scope out what was going on.

Turns out there were 3 guys jammin’ on their guitars (and such) in the cafe!

I made an executive decision to grab a small latte and listen to them for a bit to relax!

This is a “solo” (aka tall) vanilla latte.

And apparently it is “Wired Wednesday” so they throw in an extra shot of espresso for free which was quite the surprise to my little taste buds and now my fingers are typing away at a rate which I am not responsible for. Hello, caffeine!

Anyway, aren’t their cups cute? And eco-friendly!

Here’s the best picture I could sneakily snap of the jam session. It was a nice little break in my day.


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Tonight is my first night of class! I am prepared with a pear, a banana, a piece of lasagna and a larabar! I think I’ll survive! 😉


Nature’s Pride French Toast

A couple days ago, I received my first sample via the Tastemaker program with Foodbuzz.


I received two loaves of Nature’s Pride bread, this Whole Wheat and a 12 Grain that is currently nestled up next to our coffee beans in the freezer.

I knew that I wanted to get around to testing it out and I knew I didn’t want to eat it plain or simply, mostly due to the fact that I’ve been completely spoiled with Dave’s and I know nothing can compare.


I opted for some French Toast. I made 4 pieces for the two of us this morning, running them through a batter of 2 eggs, 1/4 cup vanilla soymilk, and a healthy dose of cinnamon.


Mine was topped with a peach, cubed, with a little agave and cinnamon, also heated, in the microwave.


I made the darling boy a more traditional version.


His is topped with Smart Balance butter, 100% Maple Syrup, and organic Wholesome Sweetener powdered sugar.

As far as the bread, it seemed fine. I like that it contains no HFCS. There is some protein and fiber. Mostly, I think it is a good intro bread for people coming off of Wonder Bread or something similar. I really quite prefer the chewy nuttiness of Dave’s but I must admit, I think this makes a better French Toast because of the simplicity. More taste tests to follow.


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How many cutting boards are in my kitchen?


Today is my first day back to class for the Fall quarter. I’m taking dummy Chemistry (again) and it is a gruesome 5:30-9:30pm class. I need to do some recon on getting my laptop finagled with the campus internet so I can be a bad student and post between our lecture and lab classes instead of studying like a good student should.

So with being in class two nights a week now, the plan in to make larger dishes on the weekends such as soups, crockpot meals, and casseroles to have during the week so the boy doesn’t have to worry about cooking and we have enough leftovers to suffice. I have already failed on this part and am leaving detailed instructions for the boy to prepare himself dinner + leftovers for our lunches tomorrow. I know he doesn’t mind at all. 🙂