Phat Day 3 Part 3

Afternoon Snack:


Teehee. Grande Soy Latte with whip. Honestly, if I wasn’t doing my fat diet, I’d think the whip was a waste. But I savored the treat. (11g)

When I got home, I did 1 hour of Dave Farmar’s Power Vinyasa For Beginners.

Then I got cracking on dinner.

The boy chopped up some basil and shallots to mix in with EVOO, Soy Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, ginger, and lemon juice that topped salmon.

 017 020 025

With some zucchini with light EVOO, salt and pepper.


With Uncle Ben’s Rice.

022 024

And the boy and I shared a glass of Red Diamond.

026 029

Fat subtotal for dinner: 26g

Dinner was quite tasty. The marinade/sauce stuff on the salmon was so good. And the salmon was cooked to perfection. I am completely satisfied!

That brings my daily total to 104g!

I’m ready to be done calculating fat. Livestrong does make it easy on me though!

I’m looking forward to dinner tomorrow night SO MUCH already! Yummers!



Phat Day 3 Part 2

Morning Snack


Pomegranate Greek Yogurt (17g)

And a mini Cherry Pie Larabar (5g)



Tortellini with Alfredo and Asparagus (18g)


Dessert: (6g)


Daily Sub-Total: 68g

Check out more awesomeness from my coworkers garden!



Phat Day 3 Part 1

I feel really good about my phat plan for the day.

I made a cantaloupe smoothie using Fage Total. (10g) This was really fresh and filling!

001 003

And I had a piece of Dave’s Blues Bread (so chewy and delicious!) with 1 Tbls Almond Butter and 1 banana. (11g)

004 005

21g start to the day isn’t bad. I’d rather divide the fat up equally than front or back loading it. Lunch will be a heavy hitter and I have phatty snacks packed. I’m not worried about today at all. It’s amazing what a difference a little planning can have!


Phat Day 2 Part 2

Going into prepping dinner knowing I had to squeeze in at least 11 grams of fat but not wanting to over do it was really helpful. I didn’t blow it like last night.


I had one serving of 5 Cheese Tortellini with CiBo Naturals Alfredo.

110 111

With a salad on the side, topped with mushroom and leftover spicy corn and lite caesar.


And a glass of vino.


This meal came out to 18g of fat. A grand total of 107g of fat for the day! I think that’s pretty darn good considering. 😉


Phat Day 2 Part 1

I got off to another phatty start this morning, thanks to my father.


Bacon and Pepperjack Scrambled Eggs (44g!!)

Wowzers, hu! Maybe this fat thing ain’t so hard?

We then went on got engagement pictures done by Kayla J and had a blast!

Somewhere in there I snacked on some nuts. (27g)

And we were on our way to the ferry and the sign said there was a 2 hour wait! So we dropped Kayla off so she could walk across and we grabbed a quick bite at a dive bar.


I really craved something green so I got the chef salad.

068 071079 080

It was supposed to come with an egg but it didn’t. I also asked for no olives. I laughed at the cheese.

The boy got a gorgonzola bacon burger with fries.


I stole some of his fries. With ranch. And I didn’t finish my salad.


Classy joint with paper placemats, eh?

I’m guessing my fat intake is at 15g with this meal.

We went and got in the ferry line. Sat there for about an hour.

Finally creeped up to the actual ferry waiting area and got out and got a soy latte at a cute crepe place.

084 085 086 087


We cruised the town a bit before heading back to the car.

101 088 089 092 093 095 097 099

It was a gorgeous day to be wandering around cute little Kingston!

We finally made it on to the ferry! We were still in our photo-posing mind set!

104 107 108


Ok. So today’s fat count is at 89g! Perfect! I can totally add another 9 grams at dinner without feeling sick. Nuts seriously made a huge difference! That might be the secret! I think avocado and nuts are going to get me through the next few days.

Now to figure out dinner… Hm…


Phat Day 1 Part 2

So I left you at 27g of fat for breakfast. How do you think I did?

On our way downtown, we swung into Caffe Ladro for a coffee drink.


Grande Soy Latte (5g)


Then the fun began! We hit Macy’s for our registry!


We love going downtown and don’t do it nearly enough.


That gun is dangerous!


The chef at Macy’s (!) gave us a fresh scone and I made sure to add some butter for some more fat. Maybe a 1 tsp ball? (Est 9g)


We accomplished a lot in a short amount of time! The registry consultant dude was impressed! Efficiency! I even got a new skirt to wear for our engagement pictures tomorrow!

We walked over to Westlake to grab a quick bite. And by quick, I mean very quick. We were rushing.


This looked good enough. I probably didn’t make the fattiest decision but it was tasty. I didn’t feel like pizza or asian or anything like that.


We each got chicken gyros with extra tzatziki please! (Estimating 14g of fat)


And we shared a piece of baklava! (Maybe 7g of fat?) And a lemonade.


024 026 032

We rushed to our hair appointment. Oh how I love getting my hair washed!

Then we rushed to a nearby friends to pick up a DVD we lent them.

Then we rushed to the mall to find me a shirt to go with my new skirt and Jodus some sandals. Success!

Then we rushed home. We threw everything together and then we rushed to the ferry!

On the ride over, I chugged a smoothie. (3g of fat)


It was good. Not overly sweet. But it didn’t overtly taste of peach, either. I love that there was 10g of protein in this Stonyfield Smoothie!

Jodus had strawberry smoothie. He also said it didn’t take much like strawberries and he said he’s prefer to just have a yogurt but this is good to have on the go. (Which we were!)

And had maybe 1/4 cup of these nuts. (9g)


A peaceful 30 minute crossing over to the peninsula and we met my dad for dinner.

We went to El Sarape on Water Street. Of course there were chips and salsa to be had. I had a few. I ordered a cheese quesadilla with extra sour cream and guacamole for extra fat. (37g total)

010 011 012 014 015

And I was thinking I was low on fat still (haha) so I forced myself to eat some Mexican Fried Ice Cream. No seriously. I did have to force. I was very full.


On our way home (back to dad’s) we ran across this guy! Too cute!


And when we got to Dad’s, we were greeted with this:


Everclear, Blackberry Wine, and I don’t know what else.


Um, yeah.


It was good. Strong. Warm fuzzy going down.

We played with Annie-dog.


Bugged Grandma Kitty a bit.


And then I hopped on the computer to do my phat tally. Oops. 

Grand total?


Holy wow. Of course, this is just an estimate, I’m hoping an over estimate. Pretty sure I did. Praying. Well, I successfully hit 100g anyway.


Phat Day 1 Part 1

I am off to a phat start!

Breakfast was 2 eggs (9g), 1 chicken sausage (7g), .5 oz feta (3g), sundried tomato, onion scrambled.

002 005 009 010 012

With a slice of Dave’s Blues Bread (3g) and 1/2 Tbls Smart Balance butter (5g).

007 008 011

I’ve packed a bag-o-nuts and a couple trio bars to munch on this weekend. We are going out to lunch today to a pizza joint so I should have no problems there. It’s 9am and I have 27g of fat under my belt (~40% of the recommended!) and 73g to go!