Sushi Lunch

I think Ashley and I are starting a tradition of Sushi Fridays. Except today is Thursday. But really, it is my Friday. So it counts.

We hit up Sushi Yama again.


I am now full of all this delicious goodness.

Prior to, I had a Soy Pumpkin Spice Misto and 1/2 of an Odwalla Banana Nut Bar for my morning snack.

Love the chunks in this bar!

I’m heading home soon to finish packing up the car! Yay! P-Town, here I come!



Twins For Breakfast

I can’t express how happy I am to be done with my phat diet. I snuck on the scale this morning and was up a couple pounds. I’m not too worried about it but I could definetely tell it was there, and I think all that fat may have affected my energy levels? I have been so tired and lethargic this week.

Breakfast was simple. I fried two eggs and had a piece of Dave’s Blues Bread toast with apricot preserves and some cantaloupe.

I had a lovely surprise when I cracked open my egg(s)!


Sprinkled with Adobo Goya is the best way to eat eggs.

I couldn’t quite manage all this cantaloupe. It’s quite filling!

We had an altered routine this morning. I took a super quick shower immediately after breakfast (instead of interneting) and took the boy to his vanpool. We are leaving for Pullman, my college town, tonight, directly after work! So I came in early, so I can leave early.

Yay! It’s my Friday!