Kiss Me, I’m Irish

Laundry is done.

Kitchen is clean.

Bathrooms are scrubbed.

Floors are swept and vacuumed.

Surfaces have been wiped.

Bags are unpacked. And repacked for the gym.

Mail has been gone through.

Bills have been paid.

While we cleaned, Jodus and I split a beer.


And in the midst of cooking, I got a little hungry so I had a handful of nuts.


For tonight, I referred to old faithful: AllRecipes

I did an ingredient search for leeks because of Jodus’ impulse buy earlier this week. Looking back, I didn’t discuss it at all. We were in the produce department and he picked up a huge leek and didn’t know what it was. I had never cooked with one but I at least knew what it was and that it was in the onion family. He stuck it in the cart.

So I racked my brain about what to do with it. When I came across this recipe, I knew it was perfect, especially since I had been loaded up with a bunch of venison from my mother!

Venison Irish Stew

1 venison roast, diced (maybe 2 lbs?)

1 large onion, diced

3 carrots, diced

5 medium Yukon gold potatoes, diced

1 parsnip, diced

1 leek, diced

1 sprig of rosemary, chopped

1 tbls olive oil

5 cups water

salt and pepper to taste

parsley, to garnish


I started by browning the venison chunks, seasoned with salt and pepper, in a large stock pot in the olive oil.

014 016 017

Then I added the onion and let that cook for a few minutes.


Add chopped carrots.

019 021 022

Let cook for a couple minutes then add 5 cups of water. Bring to a boil then simmer, with lid, for one hour.


Add potato and parsnip. Simmer 20 minutes.

023 024

Add leek and rosemary. Simmer until potatoes are soft enough.

026 028 029 030

Garnish with parsley, serve with bread (and wine). Enjoy!


It was a rather hot meal, temperature wise, and even made the boy start sweating as we sat on the floor of our un-air-conditioned townhouse that is probably 80* inside. But it was tasty and best of all, good filling comfort food!

We ate in the living room, watching a Netflix Instant on my laptop, and playing Scrabble on the couch. It was quite the set-up!


It’s 7pm and we have a couple hours to enjoy the clean house!




Salmon Salad

For lunch, I was feeling the need to veggie-load a little bit.


Jodus threw together a salmon salad using canned salmon, a spoonful each of mayo, mustard, and horseradish (secret ingredient!), and 2 chopped up HB eggs.


I put my portion over spinach with some tomatoes.

And he opted for the sandwich route on some Dave’s Killer Bread.


With a side of bell peppers and Sabra hummus.


Quick, easy, filling, healthy!

Updated agenda:

  • Work on guest list Lordy, was this time consuming!
  • Order Save-The-Dates
  • Clean the house!
  • Laundry (in progress thanks to the boy!)
  • Play Wii Mario Kart!
  • Make Irish Stew (takes 2 hours)
  • I also chatted with my mom, brother, and dad. And watched a SATC. And caught up on my Reader. I don’t know how much of the house will actually get cleaned this afternoon… teehee.


    Zingy Sunday

    Sunday mornings are my favorite time of the week, I think! We usually try to have nothing planned except for stuff around the house. I usually lounge in my pajamas all day long and take it easy.

    I started our morning off with some juice.


    8 apples, 8 carrots, and a hunk of ginger.


    It was quite tasty but a little too gingery for my taste. This is the first time I have juiced with ginger. Lesson learned: a little bit goes a long way. What a zing! I couldn’t finish my glass of juice because I was so full with breakfast!


    Jodus made a scramble complete with mushroom, onion, spinach, and Cougar Gold cheese.


    So filling!

    On the agenda for today:

    • Work on guest list
    • Order Save-The-Dates
    • Clean the house!
    • Laundry
    • Play Wii Mario Kart! (Does anyone play? Want to share license numbers and be frenzies?)
    • Make Irish Stew (takes 2 hours)