Bean Pasta Dinner Thing

Dinner tonight was a crazy pantry throw together meal! What I originally planned, I realized last night that I didn’t have all the ingredients.

So today I was on a mission to use up random “crap” from the pantry!

I knew I wanted to incorporate some Greek noodles my mom gave over a year ago!


This suckers are FAT.


Look at the comparison to my regular spaghetti noodles!


I boiled them and scrounged around while the water was a-cooking and came out of the pantry/fridge with:

  • a jar of green beans
  • a can of cannellini beans
  • alfredo sauce
  • tomatoes
  • rosemary
  • parsley

Mmmkay, I’ll make this work.

I sautéed some garlic, then stirred in the beans and tomatoes.

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I seasoned it with salt, pepper, lemon juice, and rosemary. And I added a HUGE spoonful of prepared Cibo Naturals Alfredo Sauce. Heated it through, and added it to the pasta. Topped it with parsley.


This dinner made me laugh. It didn’t taste bad. Just interesting. I wouldn’t try and recreate it again. And I don’t recommend you do either.


Exciting news in the (future) Hortin household! We got our engagement picture CD! 😀

Dessert: Soy Dream Butter Pecan + SATC!


Here are a couple of my favs (that weren’t on the website).

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Google tomorrow!



A Sweet Lunch

Morning Snack

This morning, I polished off the last of my Nature’s Path Agave Plus Granola with an Okios w/ honey.


And I got some fun reading in. 🙂


Lunch was delicious!

I had leftover sweet potato from dinner last night.


And an open faced hummus and tomato sandwich on Oroweat Sandwich Thins and covered in salt and pepper.

The tomatoes are the ones I got yesterday from my coworker! Very soft and sweet! 

And a sweet, juicy pear.


Followed by a sweet treat stolen from the office candy bowl!

2:30 can not come fast enough! I’m exchanging my 4″ black Guess pumps for some comfy Puma sneakers and going to put in a couple hours at Google!

What is your work attire?


Dreamy Breakfast

Mmmm breakfast was spicy awesomeness!

I scrambled 6 eggs (for two) and topped them with Cougar Gold Cheese (best cheese ever, thanks to my Alma Mater!) wrapped up in an Ezekiel Sprouted Wrap, slathered in Organic Valley Sour Cream, and topped with some hot sauce.

Oh lordy it was gooood. Especially when I got a bite of not-melted cheesy goodness! I don’t even want to know how many calories were involved but it was worth it.

No iced coffee. 😦

No zingy juice. 😦

Not sure how I will get through the rest of the morning.


PS – had crazy blog-world dreams last night! Involving Kath and Jenna and Hallie! It was quite interesting, discussing how some bloggers “lose their blogging voice.” Maybe a result of my reading Sarah’s article on blogging yesterday?

Do you ever remember your dreams? What are they usually about?