Confetti for Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the work potluck. Last week, I started thinking about what to make. I kind of watched to see what people were signing up to bring and it seemed to be mostly desserts so that was out. I (obviously) wanted to bring something that would travel/keep well and can be prepared the night before.

For some reason, only one thing came to mind. Confetti Couscous.

Do you remember when I made it the first time? I didn’t really care for it too much actually. But it is strangely addicting. And I thought with a few adjustments, it would be fantastic.

Some changes I made this time: double the veggies, a little extra mustard, extra basil.

013 014 015 016 018 019

I would be lying if I said I didn’t mob on a few spoonfuls of this… you know, to test it out.

After that, I was really not in the mood for dinner. I spoiled my appetite. Jodus and I ended up finishing the movie we started last night. It was after 7pm, I still wasn’t hungry, but we threw together a quick dinner.

Jodus grilled up some venison kielbasa and asparagus. And I reheated the leftover risotto.

020 021 022 023

I’m off to bed. No breakfast for me tomorrow. I have a CT scan in the morning. That ought to be fun.



Sushi Mojo

Tomorrow is Ashley’s last day at the office, and we are having a potluck tomorrow, so we decided to have one more sushi date.

When we were cruising around sometime last week, we spotted a new conveyor belt sushi joint that we wanted to try out and compare to Sushi Yama, our usual.

Sushi Mojo is more modern looking, the plates were slightly more expensive, and they had a few things that were not offered at Sushi Yama.

My eats:

Blue Plates: $2.50

Red Plates: $3.25

Our drinks:

An interesting (and garlicky!) plate that Ashley grabbed:

I may have also had a gyoza.

Our official review is that it’s more expensive, less variety, better atmosphere, friendlier staff, and it basically just has different options than Sushi Yama. So basically, it’ll be nice to throw into the mix but probably not good for a weekly thing.


Morning snack, pre-sushi:

Oikos + granola (from the bulk bin at PCC)

(I may have also had a pumpkin bar. Don’t hate.)


Dessert Pumpkin Oats

I was passed out by 9:30 last night and did not budge this morning when Jodus’ alarm went off. I didn’t hear the shower or anything. I was totally thrown when he came in to start getting ready and I hadn’t even come to yet! Normally, this would be putting me behind schedule but I have an extra hour this morning due to a 7am interview that is half of a mile from my house!


Last night, I put one cup of oats, one and a half cups vanilla soymilk, and 1 Tbls chia seeds in a container to soak. (For two!)

This morning, I divided it into two, topped each one with a crumbled up pumpkin bar, and a dollop of cream cheese frosting. And a splash of cinnamon.

002 003

It was quite good! A nice change from the regular way I make pumpkin oats! I love overnight oats. SO easy in the morning. Nothing to cook, hardly any dishes.

I am off to shower and get beautified! See you at lunch!