Another little home update…

Hi all! I know I’ve been terribly MIA lately but we’ve been staying pretty busy! I thought I would share a few little home updates we’ve done the past couple of months. Slowly but surely, we are getting there!

We finally got around to finishing painting all our eaves that were replaced with our roofing job right after we closed on the house at the end of May. It was a thankless job – a lot of work and hours and I’m guessing nobody except us will notice. But it got done before the weather turned so that’s that.

While the weather was decent, we also updated our front door! Originally, it was the same color as the house but we wanted something bold and welcoming so we went with Primary Red and it totally makes a statement!

Continuing on the painting bandwagon, we repainted our entryway/stairwell/upstairs hall. It was a deep purple that was just too dark for my taste but we liked the idea of having a pop of complimentary color there so we picked a toned down purple (Gothic Amethyst) to paint on just a couple of the walls then a neutral (Creamy) for the rest. I also spray painted the yellow sconces white (though they are still yellow when they are on) and we have big plans for a large DIY bright canvas artwork on that big white wall when you walk in the front door.

Painting the entryway was a HUGE change. There is a skylight there so the lighter walls really brightened up the area. We still need to paint all the doors and door frames to finish off the upstairs hallway though.

And our latest painting endeavor (are you seeing a trend with our improvements yet?) was adding subtle, high gloss stripes to the dining room. Huz did most of the leg work by taping everything off for a few hours. The painting went really quick. We are planning to add some bar shelves above the buffet. I’m really excited to see that come together.

The table is also “new”. It replaced our small, glass table I’ve had since I graduated college. This one is a hand-me-down from my grandma to my dad to me and is quite the improvement but definitely not the end goal.

And last but not least, we finally got some things hung up! Not much but I’m happy with it – all new pieces purchase with this house in mind. And I’m in love with m y new owl light from TJ Maxx. Hoo!

It’s a little hard to believe that we’ve been in this house for 4 1/2 months already! I feel like we’ve knocked out some big projects but the list is still endless! Welcome to home-ownership, I suppose! We’ve barely paid any attention to the upstairs and are just focusing on the main living areas for now and saving up for some big purchases like a new couch!

Sorry the pics aren’t great – just cell phone pics. Once things really start to look more finished, I’ll probably do a tour!


3 Responses

  1. Looks great keep it up! Have missed reading the blog :-)!

  2. Looks great

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