Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.

It’s all Tina’s fault! She had spaghetti and meatballs earlier this week and I knew I had a freezer full of meat so I decided to try my hand at meatballs.

No, I have never made meatballs. Meatloaf? Yes. Ball form? No. I thought it would be a nice way to mix up my classic spaghetti dinner.

So the beef I have, gifted from my mother, is direct from Montana. It is Angus Beef, it is grass/hay fed, and is all natural. It is not certified organic, and I think that is because it is from a small ranch in Montana and organic certification is expensive and maybe something to do with the shots the calves get at birth? I dunno. But it’s good sh!t. And free. Word.

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I mixed 1 pound up with 2 eggs, onion, garlic powder, a dash of cayenne, and Italian seasoning.

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They were a little crumbly in the pan once they got cooking but turned out just fine.


It’s weird for me to be preparing beef. I rarely cook it myself.

I made a side salad consisting of spinach, tomato, parm, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper (o/v, s/p from my Subway days 😉 ).

033 042

With a glass of vino.


Confession: The only reason(s) I bought this bottle was because a) it was on sale and b) Jenna raves about it.

We weren’t so thrilled on it though. It might be that we are so used to Cab Sauv that a Zin was a little much. It was tasty, just not our fav. I would buy it on sale again though! 😉

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I thought dinner was decent. Sort of comfort food. I didn’t really think there was a Wow-factor at all though. I ended up not eating one of the (larger) meatballs. We have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch now. 😀

Movie time!


Be prepared for a day on the town tomorrow!


The Magical Fruit

Got some results back from the Doc about my phat test. The results were indeed abnormal (something about supposed to be 5 or under, and I was at 11 something) so I have an appt Tuesday to discuss what to do next. But until then…

Morning Snack

Did not hold me over like a parfait does for obvi reasons.

I cracked into lunch early.

A side of England’s finest:

A HB egg:

A Chipotle Black Bean Burger cut up on top of spinach with some Ginger Vinaigrette:


Extremely filling! SO good!

Ashley and I hit up Whole Foods for a quickie at lunch.

I got a Kombucha.

Love! Haven’t had in ages. Oh how I missed thee!

And I decided to participate in Cookie Friday for the first time ever.

Ever since a couple weeks ago, when a coworker brought in lemon cookies, we’ve been craving. So I made sure to get lemon today! w00t!

So tasty delicious!

Did you have a cookie today?


Food Marketing Techniques

Breakfast this morning was an exact repeat of yesterdays.

And I made an iced coffee for the road/work with coffee, ice, agave, and vanilla soymilk.

While I was uploading pictures to photobucket, I saw a McDonald’s advertisement that said this:

“Happy Meals have surprisingly fewer fat and calories than other foods I give my kids.”

What. The. *!&@?


Initial reaction: anger

They have got to be kidding me, right? What a ploy!

Well… actually, they are probably right. I can’t imagine some of the crap that parents feed their kids.

And after doing some research, I found this:

McDonald’s Happy Meal Choices give children and their parents the opportunity to mix and match traditional Happy Meal favorites like French fries and soft drinks with Happy Meal Choices: Apple Dippers (fresh, peeled apple slices) served with a low fat caramel dipping sauce, and beverage choices including 100% pure Minute Maid® apple juice and 1% low fat white and chocolate Milk Jugs.

So McDonald’s has come a long way since I was a kid. It’s great they have these choices. BUT this ad that they are running is quite misleading.

Yes, if you substitute apples and juice or low fat milk for the fries and soda, it does have fewer calories and/or fat. But you wanna bet how many parents will see that ad, think “Wow! McDonalds is healthier than other options? Now I don’t feel guilty about getting the kids a Happy Meal a couple times a week!” I know someone out there is thinking that.

This kind of thing really just pisses me off.

What pisses you off about the governement or other food companies and their products? Do you have an issue with McDonald’s ad?