I was a total retard today and forgot the memory stick for my camera. I left it in my laptop. I’m awesome like that. So ALL the Google pictures from today are taken with my Blackberry Storm, uploaded to Photobucket, then saved to my computer, and loaded to Windows Live. That’s how much I love ya’ll.

For anyone that has no idea about Google/what I do there, read this post.

So some shots of the new location:

google11 google03google06 

Yes, that is a rock wall.


That hallway changes colors!

Milkshake bar:




For a morning snack, I had cottage cheese, plain nonfat yogurt with fruit, and a HB egg.


And lunch was some caprese salad, collard greens, vegan cutlet, and a spinach salad loaded with grilled veggies and topped with croutons and fig balsamic dressing.


The vegan cutlet was SO GOOD. The other options were “Thanksgiving Dinner” and a hamburger station, and a pizza station. Glad I stuck with the salad bar mostly! I think I did good!

In the afternoon, I had a sweet treat.


A piece of brownie and a pear. Have to balance the healthy with the unhealthy, right? 😉

The coolest thing about the new location is that I get to drive an electric cart, three times a day!



Somewhere along the way, I tweaked my back and have been gimping around since. And my feet are definitely sore from all the walking around! But it was a nice change of pace.

When I got home, boy was prepping dinner.


We were out of onion, lettuce, tomato… so we had a rather uninteresting (but far from bland) Black Bean Burger on a Oroweat Thin.


I mixed together mayo and hot sauce to give it a kick! I slathered it on that burger!


We also grilled some pineapple.


And baked some sweet potato fries.


And steamed some veggies. (Sprinkled in Lemon Pepper.)


Right after dinner, we hit up Costco. We got lots of goodies! $162 spent.

011 013 014

(Unpictured: 100 Forever Stamps!)

While I started working on this, the boy surprised me with this:

015 016 018

Oh yes, a Root Beer Float. Heaven in a pint glass.

And with that, I bid you ado! Have a wonderful night!



Peachy Keen

Good morning, loves! I am so excited to be at Google today! I don’t have to be there until 8:30 so I have a lot of extra time this morning! How am I using it? NOT exercising like I should be. Haha. I actually watched ANTM on YouTube! WHeee! I love that they have girls under 5’7” this season!

On to breakfast!

I wanted to use a peach with breakfast this morning and really wanted to do french toast but I didn’t have an egg so I knew that wouldn’t work. So I decided on oats.


In the mix: (for two) 1 cup oats, 1 1/2 cup vanilla soymilk

Simple simple!

Then I mixed 1 cut up peach, with a healthy spoodge of agave, microwaved for 1 minute, stirred halfway through.

Then I sprinkled everything with cinnamon.

001 003

TGIF! No lunch post for me today, I’ll be eating deliciousness at the Google cafe! Tonight, we are going to look at a truck, hit Costco, and order prints of our engagement pictures! Yay!