Out of the Frying Pan…

… And into the wok!

Dinner was a stir-fry!

As I mentioned last night, I’ve been making a concerted effort to increase the veggies! We have mass quantities in our fridge that need to get used and stir fry’s are perfect for that!


In 2 Tbls peanut oil, I sautéed 1 large chicken breast, cut into strips.

Then I added 1 Tbls minced garlic and 1 tsp of crushed ginger. And a splash of soy sauce, a sprinkle of red pepper flakes.

After the chicken was cooked through, I added the veggies, covered the wok so they could steam a bit.


Look at all those veggies that went into the mix! Yum! That was 2 huge carrots, 1 bell pepper, 3 huge mushrooms, and a couple few handfuls of broccoli.

I Jodus added a spooge of agave and we called it good after sprinkling with sesame seeds!

I served it over brown rice. I promise it is hiding in there!

015 016


Looks like the car will be put off for another day. Sad.

And no word on the job interview. I should hear back tomorrow.

Also, I would love to get your input on honeymoon stuff!


Afternoon snack: a couple of handfuls of nuts.


Something really exciting is going down tomorrow! Tune in to find out!



Fingers Crossed

This Monday morning was surprisingly easy. I thank my extremely lazy Sunday for that.

Morning Snack

A simple one: Oikos + granola



I had a nice, light salad topped with last night’s shrimp.


Not too exciting but tasted yum! And yes, I ate it dry.


After my quick bite, I headed off to the second job interview with an alternative medical clinic.

The interview(s) = not like any other interview process I have been through before. I basically had 5 minutes with 4 different people in the office. I felt like I was speed dating or something!

Once I got back to work, I ate a banana.


Word on the street is that  we’ll be getting our car tonight! It’s not 100% sure yet but *fingers crossed*!!!


We are currently debating honeymoon options:

a) All Inclusive Resort for ~11 days in a tropical climate (downside is obviously cost)

b) 5 days in Napa, doing wine tours, staying at a cozy B&B (half the price as option a)

Do you have the vaca of your life, regardless of cost, because it is a one time deal? Or, do you smarten up and try not to add even more debt to the beginning of your marriage, even though you are already swimming in it?


Obviously, we will enjoy either, just being in each other’s company BUT All-Inclusive tropical would obviously be much more luxurious. Decisions, decisions!

Married folk: What did you do for your Honeymoon? If you had a do-over, what would you do differently?

Unmarried folk: What do you think you would elect to do?

Thanks, homefries!


Worth Talking About

Most nights, I have a dessert of sorts, whether or not I share that with you.

Usually, it just consists of a piece of dark chocolate.

Occasionally, it consists of Soy Dream Ice Cream.

Sometimes, it’s a glass of wine.

Last night’s dessert is something worth talking about.

Nate & Hillary, on Saturday night, were kind enough to leave us a bit of apple crisp. Oh yes, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with that!

I heated it up, piping hot, and served it over plain vanilla ice cream.


Jodus’ larger bowl in front, mine behind. It was the perfect size, and it was so delicious. I don’t know about you, but my favorite desserts are heated and served with a spoonful of ice cream: Hot fudge brownie, peach cobbler, hot apple pie. You name it, I’ll love it.

What’s your favorite dessert?


Breakfast was quick and easy to get us out the door at a decent time.

I reheated 4 blueberry muffins and sliced up a pear. (For two!)

004 007

I only ate 3 of these halves and happily downed the pear.

Jodus also made me an iced coffee for the road.



Today’s order of business:

  • Work
  • Interview
  • Work
  • Leave early, buy car (hopefully)

See you all at lunch!