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Why Leftovers For Lunch?

I think the key to my success with weight loss, maintenance, saving money, and eating healthy is leftovers! It’s so easy to make a meal a little bit larger than you need so you can have leftovers! And besides, most meals are made for 4 or more servings so that works out perfectly when I am cooking for my husband and myself!

Yes, it takes a little bit of planning. Yes, it takes a little bit more effort. But it is totally worth it! I am a slave to a desk during the day and I don’t want to have to go out to eat everyday or eat sandwiches all the time! Packing leftovers for lunch makes my lunch decisions ridiculously easy that way I can focus my lunch time on more important things, like cat naps!

How I do it:

  • Make a weekly meal plan! I usually plan 1 large meal (maybe in the crockpot), a few 4 serving meals, and a couple of smaller meals, just to mix things up.
  • Write your shopping list as soon as you have your meal plan! And stick to it! I do my meal plan every Thursday and we go shopping on Friday night and/or Saturday morning for the whole next week.
  • Have the supplies! Load up on tupperware and buy a cute lunchbox! Yes, cute is mandatory.
  • Be prepared at the office. Assess the situation. Is there a microwave? A fridge? A toaster? You can use all these tools but plan accordingly! I also keep a set of sliverware in my desk, a small bowl, 2 plates, a water bottle, a roll of paper towels, salt and pepper, and some napkins. Keep a bottle of hot sauce or hummus, or whatever your favorite addition is in the fridge or in your desk! I am a salt fiend!
  • Mix it up! If you are like me, you get bored of eating the same things. My favorite way to mix up leftovers is to turn it into a salad, wrap, or sandwich!
  • Have variety in your meal plans! I like to mix up the “meat” that we have at dinner. Frequently, in the course of the week, you’ll see a chicken dinner, salmon, tilapia, tempeh or tofu, shrimp and a vegetarian or two. Variety is the spice of life! I dig through food blogs,,, and Google looking for new dishes to prepare. I love because you can do an ingredient search! Hm… I have shrimp and avocado that needs to get used. What can I make?


So this blog is going to be focused mostly on food, some exercise, and other random bits of my life.

I want to show people that it is relatively easy to eat healthily and deliciously with not a ton of effort! Just a little planning and research!

  • I am using a Nikon D3000 for most of my pictures. Otherwise, I’m operating our point & shoot Casio Exilim.
  • I’m not a profound writer. I just say what I think and don’t give much thought to it.
  • I’m not rich and don’t have fancy things like 100 different spoons and bowls but I do have fun place-mats now!.
  • I’m not cool and don’t own a house or a swanky condo. We are renting an older but updated house in East Bremerton, WA.
  • I’m cheap and addicted to Costco and I shop at Ikea.
  • I’m recently married and got to register for cool kitchen things but I’m a realist and therefore do not have an  things like a pickle fork or sushi mats.

All that being said, you can expect to see:

  • leftovers frequently (duh)
  • quick and easy meals
  • no/little fancy plating of food
  • little of my own creativity (I like recipes!)
  • not everything healthy all of the time
  • frequent occassional alcohol/Starbucks/dark chocolate
  • crude references/humor (Usually SATC references or TWSS cracks…)
  • plugs to my friends’ blogs
  • poor grammer

If you have any problems with any of this… sorry. Deal with it. Or go read one of the other hundreds of thousands of probably millions of blogs on the interweb.




13 Responses

  1. lol. I’m also many of those things on your list. I love it. 🙂 You need to add that you’re spunky. That’s something not everyone can list. 😉

  2. I’m pretty sure I can find a spare pickle fork or sushi mat around here some place…

  3. Love this…I could pretty much copy and paste this list onto my blog (I need to update my about me section anyway, haha)! I have the most boring plates in the world, but hey, they hold my food just fine, so I can’t justify buying new ones for blog purposes. I can’t wait to read more! I’m adding you to my blogroll 🙂

  4. You’re awesome!

  5. As always you do a great job of your meals even when you have so much more planning to do. ..Naturally you learned from the best…..

  6. What is the purpose of ‘phat’ day?

  7. L4L — Guess who her mom got it from –My Mom — <:)

    Love Ya girls you're doing great!

  8. Love this, haha. I have 4 place mats but they’re all the same color and I never use them anyway!

  9. […] to food and she’s a riot.  Just check out her picture!  I really enjoyed reading the meaning behind Leah’s blog name – it makes perfect sense and was quite helpful.  And if you want to see what Leah buys on a […]

  10. You are so smart! I really need to start using leftovers more! 😀


  11. Hey! I totally get this. I do the same thing. If people really knew how much time I put into food planning they would probably have me committed, but I don’t care. I love food. And I love making it a priority in my life! So glad to meet you.

    And your a local girl!

  12. I am impressed with your blog and your dedication to health, fitness and using leftovers. I really like what you say about taking stock of what your office environment can do to support making lunch. My office got two sandwich toasting presses after we petitioned them. Now I take bread, fillings (usually leftovers) and usually some cheese to work and make delicious lunch time treats! Definitely following you! Might even post about toasted sandwiches! 🙂

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