Slightly Charred

After work, I hit up the gym again! 😀

I did 20 minutes on the recumbent bike (7 miles) and then did some stretching, ab work, and resistance training. Total: 42 minutes, 258 calories burned. Not too shabby. I really didn’t want to push it too much since it has been awhile since I’ve gotten in a solid workout and I don’t know how my feet are going to handle it.

After the gym, I had a pear.


It was super ripe and mushy (and ugly) and oh so good!

Dinner was a bit of a hodge podge. I marinated (since this morning) venison sirloin strips in ketchup, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and ground mustard seed and threw it on the George-y.

028 031

And in the oven, I threw 2 diced up sweet potatoes (sprayed in EVOO, salt and peppered, and a splash of lemon juice) and halved brussel sprouts (sprayed in EVOO, salt and peppered, and drizzled with agave) at 400* for maybe 25 minutes? Long enough to set off the smoke detectors. Oops!

029 036 037032

I didn’t end up eating all of the sweet potatoes but I was a good girl and made sure to finish my veggies.

The rest of my evening will consist of white wine, a movie with my H2B, and browsing honeymoon options! Wheeee!



Lucky Duck

Janice brought us more goodies from her garden today!

Look at the HUGE homewrecker zucchini Ashley scored!

And I got a bag of tomatoes!

And ate 2!

Morning Snack

I had a Vanilla Oikos and Nature’s Path Agave Plus Granola.

Oikos is soooo much better than Chobani in my book! Not as thick and tart! Mmmm, goodness! I also LOVE the shape of the container and that there is an amazing 15g of protein packed in this little cup of love!


Of course, leftovers made an appearance. But a rather ugly one!

It looks like brown … blob! I promise you there is 2 small piece of last night’s Chicken in Port and Mushroom Sauce served over some wild rice!

With a side of zingy Carrot/Apple/Ginger juice!

Mmmm. So good!

The next week or so is shaping up to be a busy one! Noteworthy events:

Tomorrow: Work 6:45-2:45, Google 3-5, Pick up boy by 5:45 (will be late!)

Friday: Google! 8:30-5, then fighting Friday traffic. Yuck.

Saturday: Car shopping + date night!

Monday: An interview at 7am, then work! Sushi lunch with Ashley!

Tuesday: 6 hours of starvation followed by a CT scan til 10am and a potluck at work!

What is your favorite dish to take to a potluck?



Monsters and Pastries and Spiders, Oh My!

Dear. Lord. It’s only Wednesday. Longest week EVER.

I was looking for a super quick and easy breakfast this morning (per usual) so I opted for a Green Monster and I knew I’d need someting else with it… but what?

After rummaging around the fridge and pantry, I discovered a box of “Pop Tarts” I had yet to try from Nature’s Path.

If you regularly follow my blog, you will find that I rarely eat pre-packaged/sugary foods, and especially not for breakfast.

The nutrition label isn’t terrible but it’s not a stellar breakfast either but that’s what the GM is for, right? 😉

I popped that bad boy in the toaster, burned my finger tips trying to get it out, and waited patiently for it to cool down some.

It tasted quite good but was rather sweet. I’d probably prefer this as a snack than breakfast, actually. If I were a parent, this would be a great alternative to the Pop Tart for a quick and easy, on-the-go breakfast for little ones. But again, not the most nutritious but more of a “lesser of the two evils” kind of scenario.

I stumbled my way out the door, iced coffee in hand.

Once I hit the highway, I was greeted with a glorious sight:

The sky was a vibrant orange, the sliver of the moon still visible, clouds spackling the horizon.

I love the Pacific Northwest and can’t dream of settling down anywhere else.

When I arrived to the office, after my scenic drive, I was greeted by a not so nice scene.

Blech. Bye, Bye, Spidey. Can’t have you hanging out with me all day at work.

What’s your favorite thing about where you live?