Dog Days of Summer

I almost died this afternoon. My little brother, Ryan, 15, got his drivers permit and so he drove us to lunch.

I feared for my life.

No, seriously.

I don’t remember being that bad!

We managed to get to lunch unharmed. Ryan had chosen our lunch locale and he did quite well.


This joint, Stinky’s, had a jukebox, vintage signage, and glam Hollywood posters.

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I ordered something spicy and thought about Allison! I accidentally ordered a dog instead of the sandwich I was planning on. It was called Fire In Your Mouth.


Indeed it was! Topped with Tabasco, cayenne, onions, mustard, and red poppy sauce, my mouth was burning towards the end!

Jodus ordered a Mac & Cheese Chili Dog.


Ryan got a Baked Bean Dog.


And Mom got a Club Dog.


We all shared a side of fries with a couple of different dipping sauces: roasted garlic mayo and Montana Fry Sauce.

007 022

Mom and I went to the one open Bridal Shop in town to try on some dresses. Nothing noteworthy came of the experience.

We were having a later dinner so we munched on some pineapple, pita bites, and cheese. And some vino.

023 024 025 026

For dinner, we ate out on the porch. We had a BBQ Beef Brisket, corn on the cob, and coleslaw, with some citrusade.

035 036 037 038 040 044 046 047 049

I may have had seconds of the beef and coleslaw. But don’t tell anyone.

We are now going to chillax and watch a Netflix on XBox on my mother’s fab new Plasma TV.

And with that, I’ll leave you with some Summer lovin’!

004 031 002



Apple Pancake Breakfast

Mom is such a good hostess! She made my fav breakfast. She’s been making it for years and traditionally, we have it every Christmas morning. She got it from Parents Magazine from January, 1995. Hit up your local library if you are itching for the recipe. 😉

I started with a cup of delicious coffee with agave and vanilla soymilk.


I love my mom’s dishes! Villeroy & Boch!

While I sipped this, I filed our claim online for the car/deer incident last night.

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Breakfast did not disappoint! It was delicious as always! The sausage was quite good as well! Natural, home made sausage.

This is Summer. She’s a cutie. A spazz, but cute.


She’s a little stoner dog! Or just hadn’t had her morning cup of coffee yet. 064

We have big plans for the day so I’m off to shower! Looking forward to Mom making another family recipe for dinner tonight! Yay!


Road Trippin

Lots and lots of things to catch up on!

Let’s see… Thursday, after leaving work, I got home and packed up the car, packed us dinner, and had some carrot juice then hit the road with boy.


I packed us some sandwiches. Dave’s Killer Bread with salami, mayo, mustard, and cheese and we also munched on spinach artichoke parmesan dip with Mary’s crackers.

016 017 018 019 020

I took the first shift of driving. While it was still light out.


I ended up getting fed some crackers and I ate my sandwich around 8:30 after a gas stop. Um, we also shared a 100 Grand and I got the boy a Coffee-Energy Drink for his shift.

034 035

Along the way, we listened to a very confusing audio book. 😦 And we talked some of course. There was a gorgeous full moon that left the sky lit.

030 031

We got into Pullman around 11ish, checked into our hotel, went to Samantha’s, had a beer (or 2 in Jodus’ case) and I munched on some tomatoes from Rachel’s garden. But I was bad blogger and forgot my camera in the car. Good thing you know what beer and tomatoes look like. 😉

By the time we crawled into our king size bed, it was past 1am and we were out.


We woke up at 7:40 to hit the hotel breakfast before it shut down.

They had a decent selection for the hotel… a waffle maker, biscuits and gravy, eggs and bacon, english muffins, instant oatmeal, cereal.

I opted for a biscuit with butter and honey and some eggs with salsa. And a lone piece of bacon. I also had a small glass of apple juice.


It was an okay breakfast. Not bad for complimentary. I didn’t finish the eggs cuz they were kinda weird.

The best part of breakfast was that some guy, obviously with Downs, gave Jodus and I a couple peaches they picked up in Yakima. I thought that was incredibly sweet.


The peach was almost as sweet as his act of kindness!

We got ready and headed out for the town. We walked around town, walked around campus, and snapped some pics.

068 066

We also stopped into my old stomping ground: The Daily Grind.

058 057056  

I spent so many hours at this coffee shop in college! Studying, chatting, drinking lattes. Today, I opted for a grande Soy Tiramisu Latte.


I love that they give you a chocolate covered espresso bean with your coffee!

059 060061 062

After lots of walking around, we met Sam for brunch at one of my fav restaurants in Pullman: Old European.

074 075 076

Such a cute joint!

We started with a carafe of OJ.

079 082


And I ordered my usual.

077 078

German Potato Pancakes with German Sausage and 2 eggs, over medium.

083 084 085

I slather my cakes in sour cream.


Jodus ordered a Monte Cristo (blech).


And Samantha got a vegetarian Eggs Benedict.

088 089

We also managed to somehow receive a complimentary cream cheese filled crepe topped with lindenberries! We all shared this.


We hit the road, again, and quickly crossed into Idaho.

093 094 097 098 100

We killed some bugs.


We hit some construction that slowed us down…


But the views were gorgeous. I opted for a route that was slightly further and slower but follows the river and is much prettier.

103 107    128 132

I munched on a bag of Stacy’s chips.

118 119 120

Cute/ghetto place we stopped for gas:

 138 134 136

The boy and I had lots of good conversation today. About honeymooning, finances, our future, are attitudes/mentalities, etc. I think it’s been good for us to spend time together in a confined space. I think we have both been a little edgy lately.

At some point, we snacked on some bars because we were doing a late dinner with a college friend.

001 017 028

We met Larissa in Wolf Creek around 9pm. We went to kind of a hole in the wall joint attached to a bar. I was quite skeptical, and a tad shy about taking pictures.

I ended up ordering the Spinach Salad #1 with a honey pepper vinaigrette.


Oh. My. God. This was perfection. That bowl was quite deep. It was amazing. Just what I needed!

We hit the road for the last 45 minute stretch to my mom’s house.

And we decapitated a deer with our Acura.

I’ll spare you the pictures of the road kill. Obviously, we were both fine. The deer and Acura were not so lucky.


It took us about an hour to deal with it, waiting for highway patrol and then getting on our way again. We were a bit shaken up but fine. Mom was kind enough to have a glass of Cab Sauv waiting for me when we walked in the door, late, exhausted, and a little stressed.


And then we hit the sack after checking out the new house and chatting a bit. What a day!