Seriously discouraged right here. Got to the gym and hit the equipment about 4:50. That gave me ~45 min to play with. Rock on. Right? No.

I got on an elliptical machine. A few minutes into it, my foot started to hurt, on the outside edge. I pushed through it for a bit but only made it to about 12 minutes.


Ok, let’s try this.

I took out the arch support inserts in my shoes and hit the treadmill for some walking to see how that went. I was slow, only an incline of 1.0. And after about 10 minutes, I couldn’t take it any more. This time, my arch hurt. Ugh. A couple weeks ago, docs said they thought I had early onset of Plantar Fasciitis. This is definitely it.

I really need to get new shoes before I can do any kind of cardio work. But we are lacking in the finance department right now. And my boss is trying to cut back my hours because he’s feeling the pinch of the economy too. Not a good situation.

So who knows when we will be able to fit in a new pair of shoes. The boy needs new dress shirts for work BAD. 2 of his shirts have ripped, in the same spot, the elbow, within the last couple weeks.


So I knew I could lift weights or something instead of cardio but honestly, I was so disappointed, I just couldn’t bear being in there any longer. I wanted to cry.

So I left. And I sat in the car and waited for Jodus’ vanpool to appear. Thanks to my Blackberry, I was entertained enough.

Dinner tonight was done on the grill.

I grilled up turkey burgers (and black bean burgers for lunches tomorrow) topped with Cougar Gold Cheese (my Alma Matter’s Creamery specialty!), grilled onion, and BBQ sauce.


Served with a small side of the BEST BAKED BEANS EVER.

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Seriously. Direct from UK. Best. Ever. They don’t even compare to our traditional American style BB’s. They are tricky to find and cost a little more but SO WORTH IT.

And some Alexia Sweet Potato Fries.


And grilled asparagus drizzled in my new dressing, made in hell Montana!

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Side bar: I’ve tried these Oroweat Thins a few times now and while I love the concept, something is off. Maybe all that Dave’s spoiled me, but this bread tastes fake. Me no likey. I will finish the pack we have but I will not be purchasing these again. On that note, I am still on a quest for delicious sandwich thins.



Is It Friday Yet?

 For a morning snack, I had a repeat of yesterday.


Chobani with Strawberries and Nature’s Path Agave Plus Granola.


But something was different today.

It took we awhile to figure out what. It tasted… off.


Apparently, I must have used the same knife to cut the strawberries that I had when preparing dinner last night because my parfait was garlicky!

It’s a good thing I like garlic, right? 😉

Lunch was the garlicky leftovers from last night.


I only had a tiny bit of noodles today, no alfredo, and tons of veggies. And I poured the cooking juices (butter, white wine, garlic, salt, pepper, oil) over the veggies.

 This did not hold me over well at all. Maybe the lack of protein/fiber? About an hour or so later, my tummy was still rumbling so I ate the second half of an Odwalla Banana Nut Bar.

And my afternoon snack/pre-gym had even more veggies! 1/2 a carrot, 1/2 a red bell pepper, and 2 mushrooms with God Sabra Hummus.


I’m back on my hummus kick, apparently!

After work: GYM, grill up some din din, maybe a movie? Maybe wedding stuff? Who knows!


It Pays Off

This morning has been splendid! We have had ample time, no stress, and actually got to enjoy each others company some! What a concept!

Breakfast was my favorite kind: filling and easy!


It was complete with 2 HB Eggs with salt.


Dave’s Toast with Apricot Preservatives.

001 004

1/2 an apple with cream cheese.


And a boy-made Iced Coffee with vanilla soymilk, agave, coffee, and lots of ice!


A wholesome start to my Thursday!


Today will be magnificent!