The Road To Hell

Before we headed out, Mom loaded us up with A TON of venison (not our dead deer!) and Angus Beef.

036 037


It was sad saying bye but it was great to see her and my bro and the new house!

I don’t even really know what to say about the beginning of our drive home. It was pretty terrible.

We decided to go through Lincoln, slightly out of the way, to stop by a cute store my mother recommended.

Our GPS decided that the good route to take was a gravel road, probably 20+ miles.

It started like this:


And then turned into this:


And then got terrible.

Gravel road doesn’t even begin to touch the tip of the iceberg as to how terrible this road was. It started out okay and got progressively worse. We were convinced that we were not going to get the car out of there. We were bottoming out, spinning the tires, burning rubber, scraping branches. Our poor Acura.

So why the hell did we keep going down this road? Well the GPS said 2-3 miles until a turn. So we just figured it was a cutoff road to the highway. It did that about 10 times. Halfway through, we got cell phone reception again and I  called my mother to have her talk us through it, calm me down, I was freaking, and to know where we were in case anything happened.

It was awful.

I was way too stressed to take pictures along the way but there were plenty of times where Jodus had to get out of the car, survey the situation, get back in and maneuver his way through. We drove through creeks, along ravines, up switchbacks. All with our little front wheel drive 1997 Acura that had been in an accident a few days earlier.

We were shaking. Nauseous. Scared. Shitless. Pardon my French. There were at least a dozen times we didn’t think we were going to make it. But we did. After 2 terrible hours.

We finally made it out and had never been happier to see a paved road.

I fed the boy a string cheese but I couldn’t stomach anything yet.

After another 20 minutes or so, we made it to Lincoln and headed to the Made in Montana store.

044 045 046 047 048

I bought 2 jams, a vinaigrette, a caramel, and a shot glass.

We ate our sandwiches in the car before we left.

049 051

I only ate half and ate the other half about an hour later. The boy polished off the grapes before I knew it and then we had a German Chocolate for dessert.

052 053 054 056

Somewhere along the way, I munched on trail mix. And spilled it. Awesome.

And we got a speed warning from the Montana State Patrol. Wicked.

In Missoula, we refueled and went potty. I also got a HUGE thing of Sobe Lean for $1.09!


We finally made it to Idaho, and it was pouring.


Lake Coeur d’Alene



And we saw a rainbow!

073 075

We finally crossed over into Washington and I think we were finally starting to feel normal again.

We stopped in Ritzville for gas and food.

Our options were Subway, gas station food, Taco Del Mar, or McDonalds.

It’s a McDonald’s kind of day.

The angel in me ordered a Grilled Chicken Premium Sandwich.


The devil in my fiancé ordered me a large fries.


With Light Lemonade.


The boy did a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese (and a large fries and light lemonade).



This has been quite the trip. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. We drank beer. We ate good food. Car repairs will be addressed tomorrow. Acura did good for us this weekend. We’ve given her a pat on the back. Couldn’t be prouder parents!


Jodus has been amazing the entire time: handling beheaded deer, driving without a rearview mirror, managing to not get us stuck in the wilderness. He earned his man badge this trip.



One For The Road

I have been spoiled by Mom’s home cooking all weekend! This morning, she served up a frittata!


She even took pictures of the prepping while I was still sleeping/packing! Isn’t she too cute?! 😀

004 006 008 012 015 032 034

She even packed us some sandwiches for the road with the leftover tandoori chicken!

018 019 021 024 025

I’m excited to tap into these! She also packed us some fantastic trail mix.

026 030

And sting cheese.


And some grapes.


And dessert is a chocolate. I think from Easter. haha.


My Mom treats us so good! 😀


I’m sure by the time we get out of the door, it’s going to be nearly 10am (here) which means we will be getting home ~10pm our time. What a long day. We are hoping to stop in Lincoln at a Made In Montana store on the way out.