Good news: Sneak Peek at our Engagement Photo Session with Kayla J

Bad news: Looks like the Acura is gonna be considered a Total Loss. We aren’t 100% sure on that or what that is going to mean for us but that’s what it is looking like.

When I got home (early) from the Collision Clinic, I changed, dinked around a bit, and then got to work on the kitchen. I cleaned the fridge, emptied the dishwasher, wiped down surfaces, and contemplated dinner while I had a snack.

I was trying to use up a jar in the fridge so I could make room for my new goodies I bought yesterday at the Made In Montana store.


I got 2 jams.


Some dressing.


Honey Almond Butter. (Ironic that Jenna was eating this earlier today?)


So I tried to polish off the Olive Dip from Williams & Sonoma.


With the usual cracker.


This time, I didn’t load my crackers then go to town. I spooned the dip on the crackers as I ate.


This resulted in more dip, less oil, same mess. But satisfying nonetheless.

I checked the mail, then got to work on dinner. I wanted something ridiculously easy. And of course, we had a lack of groceries but I made do.


I used a dry rub from Williams & Sonoma on some frozen tilapia fillets.

021 022 023 025

Baked in the oven, 400*, for 30 minutes.

030 033

Served with steamed veggies.

026 035

And Uncle Ben’s Santa Fe rice. I added a couple more spoonfuls of  black beans to beef it up some and stretch it to 3 servings so the boy could have leftovers for lunch. 😉

027 028 029

Topped with some sour cream.


After dinner, we headed out to replenish our sad fridge.


040 041



The happy fridge:




And SATC then bed! Nighty Night!



Making The Most Of It

On my way out the door this morning, I made an iced coffee with vanilla soymilk, agave, coffee, and lots of ice.

(It was full when I left the house!)

Lunch, mildly pathetic due to the significant lack of groceries in our house, was a sandwich with Cougar Gold cheese, salami, mayo & mustard.

And an Odwalla Wholly Grain for some “fruit”.

I’m leaving work early today to go get an estimate on the repairs for Acura. The upside is that they said it should only take 20 minutes so I’ll be home early and that’ll give me lots of time to brainstorm dinner and clean the fridge before hitting up Costco today!


And She Keeps On Giving

We crawled into bed at 10pm last night, right after I hit “publish”. When the alarm went off, we were very tired and even more cranky. Or at least I was.

Mom saved the day.


Leftover frittata from yesterday morning.

The fact that I could just microwave breakfast made my morning so much better. I had to pack lunches still. And we have literally no real food in the fridge. I did a really good job of cleaning us out for our 4 day trip.


Please ignore the grossness of it. It’s getting cleaned tonight. And filled.

Needless to say, lunches are a little on the pathetic side today.

So last night, as I lay in bed, I was really disappointed in myself for not taking pictures of the treachery of a drive yesterday.

So I looked on Google to find some pics that may give you a slightly better idea.

There was a lot of this:


And even more this:


And even some of this:


But scratch out the 4×4 truck and insert an Acura sedan.

(These 3 pictures are taken in Wyoming and Colorado, FYI.)


I’m going to have nightmares for days.