Phat Day 4 Part 3

I scored another free latte this afternoon. Ashley owed me one. I had a buzz from all the caffeine today!


I had to get a Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte today! HAD to. (4g)

And boy was it good.

Since I had the coffee, I wasn’t particularly hungry for an afternoon snack so I skipped it.

Dinner was an amazing hodge podge and I am stuffed to the brim!


Beechers Pepper Cheese


Screamin’ Strawberry Jam


Spinach Parmesan Dip


Dry Salami


Three Olive + Feta Dip


Sardines in Mustard Sauce


Grey Poupon


Sourdough Loaf




The Spread



I weighed out all the fat-containing stuff on my food scale to get as close to 100g as I could. This meal brought my grand fat total to 104g for the day. And my belly is full and happy.

It’s now nearly 8 and the boy and I are off to the library to get an audio book (or two) for our road trip to Montana this weekend!




Phat Day 4 Part 2

For those of you just joining me on my phat journey, I’ve been instructed by my physician to consume 100g of fat a day for five days for some sort of test they are running on me.

This morning, I squeaked in 20g of fat.

Before work, I swung by the Acura dealership to get a new headlight and I got a complimentary latte. It was nonfat though. No soy option but I can’t resist free food/drink. It’s a complex. And my tummy seemed to handle it ok.


My mid-morning snack was another Greek Gods Pomegranate yogurt.


This bad boy pulls in a mighty 17g of fat and is scarily 50% of your daily recommended saturated fat. Eeks! Good thing I don’t eat them on the daily.

Lunch was a simple and delicious.

I threw some petite oak purple lettuce on top of the last of my spicy corn.


And topped that with 3/4’s of an avocado. A massive contributor at 20g of healthy fat.


And doused it in salt.


I’ve really come to realize that dressing is hardly necessary on salads, especially when there is so much good stuff you can put on them! This is coming from a girl who used to drench her salads in ranch. Then I switched to mostly viniagrette’s and also utilizied the dipping method instead of pouring my dressing on my salad.

Do you use dressing? What’s your favorite kind? Do you have any method of portion controlling your dressing?

Fat count: 57g for the day thus far. I have nuts packed for an afternoon snack and a fantastically delicious dinner planned. Can’t wait!


Phat Day 4 Part 1

I am seriously in awe over the fact that it is September already! Wow! Where did this year go? I start classes again at the end of the month so that is what is going to truly mark the end of summer for me.

I made a very quick breakfast this morning because I got distracted by Prozac Nation last night and forgot to make lunches.


2 microwaved poached eggs (9g) on a slice of Dave’s Blues Bread (3g).


With a small banana and some almond butter. (8g) I actually have been weighing out the AB for this “diet”.


Breakfast fat total: 20g.

In wedding news, yesterday, I put down the deposit on our ceremony site, sent in the contract for the reception site/catering and the DJ and signed the contract for our wedding photographer! I also designed our Save The Date cards and finished up our website. Everything is coming together nicely! I can’t wait for May!