V-Day Pancakes

Deliriously delicious, I promise.


Pancakes. Just your basic pancakes. That’s how it all started anyway.

For a special Valentine’s Day breakfast, I wanted to make pink pancakes. But I couldn’t find my red food dye. So I just stirred in red sprinkles. It sort of did the trick. They turned out more peach than pink but the white chocolate chips I added to the batter on a whim made up for my less than pink pancakes.


And while I was mixing up my batter, I just happened to be whipping up my first ever batch of homemade nut butter – a blend of walnuts, blanched almonds, and dark chocolate chips.

Yep, that’s right.

And really, I was only planning on drizzling the warm nut butter on top of the stack but I couldn’t help myself.


I mean, really. How could anyone resist?


You would think this would be ridiculously sweet but really, it wasn’t. The walnuts and almonds in the nut butter (made with a few pinches of sea salt, naturally) cut it nicely.

And the sprinkles? They are just for fun.



Pancake Tacos

Luckiest Girl Alive, right here!

The boy cooked for me again! And it was breakfast again!


He made pancakes using Bob’s Red Mill pancake mix.

Then I gussied them up with some almond butter and banana!

033 034

Originally, I had planned to make a Shepherd’s pie for dinner, using ground turkey, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t do a very good job with meal planning. I had ground sweet Italian sausage in dinner last night, and ground beef and ground hot Italian sausage in lunch! I am all ground meated out! Fortunately,  I don’t have class this Wednesday so our need for leftovers was significantly decreased so we could get away with this dinner. 😀 And my belly was mucho happy!

Our afternoon was spent like this:


(Click to enlarge)

Sorry to bombard you with scrabble boards but I love love love looking at them when they are complete! You can tell that there are a few words that we use continually. 😀

I think my goal for our next game is to use that damn triple word in the top left corner. We rarely use it! I think we managed it last night but that’s like the only time! What a waste!