New Rules of Lifting for Women: Stage 3

The end of Stage 3 of the program is about the half-way point! There are 7 stages total and the first stage is twice as long as the others. Wow. We are half way? Really? Just chugging along, folks!

Stage 1 Recap

Stage 2 Recap

New Rules of Lifting for Women–Stage 3 Recap–

Workout Calendar (Click to enlarge)



Stage 3A

One-Armed DB Snatch 20# –> 30#

DB single-leg Romanian Deadlift (aka The Drinking Bird) 15# DB’s –> 25# DB’s
Barbell Bent-over Row 40# –> 70#

DB Single-Arm Overhead Squat 15#/8# –> 20#/10#
DB Incline Bench Press 20# DB’s –> 25# DB’s

Plank 30 sec –> 60 sec
Reverse Woodchop 25# –> 40#

Body Weight Matrix (24 squats, 24 alternating lunges, 24 alternating lunge jumps, 24 squat jumps) 3:27 –> 2:16


Stage 3B

Barbell Romanian Deadlift/Bent-over Row 45# –> 75#

Partial Single-Leg Squat Bodyweight (BW) only
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 100# –> 105#

Back Extension 25#
YTWL’s 5# DB’s

Swiss Ball Crunch 15#
Hip Flexion BW
Lateral Flexion BW

Prone Cobra 90sec

HIIT (on elliptical)

2 min warm-up at level 1, ~50 rpm
2 min warm-up at level 5, ~50 rpm
1 min sprint at level 9, ~80-85 rpm
2 min recovery at level 1, ~40-45 rpm
1 min sprint at level 10, ~80-85 rpm
2 min recovery at level 1, ~40-45 rpm
1 min sprint at level 11, ~80-85 rpm
2 min recovery at level 1, ~35-45 rpm
1 min sprint at level 12, ~80-85 rpm
1 min recovery at level 1, ~30-35 rpm

Stage 3 Calories

Average Daily Calorie Consumption: 1600-1700kcal
Average Weekly Calorie Burn: 1500-2200kcal


Beginning program: 163
End Stage 1: 161
End Stage 2: 160
End Stage 3: 159.5


New Rules of Lifting for Women: Stage 2

I’m starting Stage 3 today! Here are my awkward ramblings on Stage 2:


And my workout calendar (in teal – click to enlarge):


(The one’s with the “+” showing are the ones that I did HIIT afterwards.)

And the exercises:

Stage 2A (2 sets of 10 reps)

Front Squat Push Press: 30# –> 45#

Step-up: 5 risers, 20# DB’s
Dumbbell 1-pt Row: 20# DB’s

Static Lunge w/ Rear Foot Elevated: 20# DB’s
Push-up: Regular, bodyweight only

Plank: 35 sec –> 48 sec
Cable Horizontal Wood Chop: 20# –> 27.5#

Stage 2B (2 sets of 10 reps)

Wide Grip Deadlift from Box: 50# –> 75#

Bulgarian Split Squat: 15# DB’s –> 10# DB’s
Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown: 75# –> 97.5#

Reverse Lunge from box w/ Forward Reach: 10# DB’s
DB Prone Cuban Snatch: 8# DB’s

Swiss Ball Crunch: 15# DB
Reverse Crunch: bodyweight
Lateral Flexion: bodyweight

Prone Cobra: 60 sec –> 96 sec

HIIT (on elliptical)

2 min warm-up at level 1, ~50 rpm
2 min warm-up at level 5, ~50 rpm
1 min sprint at level 10, ~80-85 rpm
2 min recovery at level 1, ~40-45 rpm
1 min sprint at level 10, ~80-85 rpm
2 min recovery at level 1, ~40-45 rpm
1 min sprint at level 10, ~80-85 rpm
2 min recovery at level 1, ~40-45 rp
1 min sprint at level 10, ~80-85 rpm
1 min recovery at level 1, ~40-45 rpm

Stage 1 details here.

Late start… but a good day!


I hit the snooze a little too much this morning and didn’t have time to do a yoga session. Oops!

As I was running downstairs, I hollered at the boy to see what he wanted for breakfast and he said “Cheesy Scrambled Eggs!”

So I scrambled 4 eggs and added some Tillamook Pepperjack Cheese to the mix.

I didn’t want just scrambled eggs and I didn’t feel like toast or anything with them so I decided on a breakfast burrito!

I got out Flat Out Wraps and spread a little sour cream and salsa on the bottom. Topped that with the eggs and added a little Chalupa Sauce.

Wrapped that b!tch up!


So yum! Love me some hot sauce!

Along with the usual, iced coffee with vanilla soymilk and a splash of hazelnut soy creamer.


This morning, I started a new carpool! Yay! Not only will it be better on my checkbook and the environment, it’ll be nice to use the carpool lane and have some company! Her name is Elana, she’s from Bombay and has 3 kids. We already chatted this morning about my trip to India a few summers ago!

Morning Snack

The usual:


Yami Yogurt with Blueberries

Check out how massive that one blueberry is! Insane! Plump and delicious!


I had leftover Baked Chicken with Pesto and garlic noodles.


And I forgot to take a picture until I had already dug in. Whoops!

A very tiny portion on noodles hiding under that fatty chick boob!


Look at how fat that sucker is!

No vegetables. Sad. Partially due to my laziness last night when packing my lunch. Shame on me.

Afternoon Snack


A banana.

And a little bit later…


A string cheese.

After I dropped off my new carpool friend, I headed to the gym!

I did 40 minutes of crazy elliptical thingy. Burned 350 cals. An accident on the freeway going home drastically cut into my workout time.


Tonight’s menu: Black Bean and Artichoke Burritos with Corn Casserole and Kale Chips.

First, I got started on the corn casserole. At Google, a couple weeks back, I had an amazing corn casserole and wanted to recreate it. This is my first attempt at a corn casserole!

  • 1/4 c. butter
  • 1 box Jiffy cornbread mix
  • 2 cans of Cream of Corn
  • 1/2 c. sour cream
  • red bell pepper

I melted the butter, diced the bell pepper and mixed everything together in a baking dish.

Tossed it in the oven at 350* and set the timer for 30 minutes.

I have a giant Costco-sized jar of artichoke hearts in the fridge that need to get used.

So I went on a search for a unique way to use them, just not your typical Greek/Italian kind of fare.

These burritos fit the bill! And of course, I had to make some adjustments.

I prepared the black beans (undrained, as opposed to what the recipe says). – Side note: that recipe says it makes 8. Lies. It made 4 decent size burritos. Barely. Not big ones. Decent size ones. Either the people that created this recipe make very very tiny burritos or it’s a typo. Ridic. And since the boy had 2 burritos, and I had one, that leaves us in a situash for lunches tomorrow. Good thing I accidentally opened a can of kidney beans first. eyeroll.

I chopped up some onions.

Question: How do you turn this….

… into this…

…in under a minute?


I love this guy.

So much easier than pulling out the Cuisnart and gets the job done quick!

In a separate pan, I sauteed onion and minced garlic seasoned with cumin, cayenne, and chili powder. Then I added the artichoke and warmed through. I mixed all this in with the black beans instead of leaving it separate like the original recipe indicates.

Somewhere in here, I diced a very sad looking mushy tomato to top the burritos with.


I also trimmed up some kale. I spread it out on a baking sheet, sprayed them with EVOO, sprinkled a light bit of salt, pepper, and cayenne. I stuck them in the oven when the timer for the corn casserole went off and set it again for another 15 minutes.

I fixed up our burritos with the black bean/artichoke/onion mix, sprinkled some 2% cheddar cheese (for the boy, none for me) and diced tomato and avocado slices on top and wrapped them up in the Ezekial Sprouted Grain Tortillas we got at PCC.

O.M.G. Let me tell you about these wraps. They were so good! They don’t have that funky taste like the Flat Outs and La Tortilla Factory ones do. They were firm, didn’t rip too easy, and very flavorful! I wish they weren’t so expensive!

Here’s the stats:

I pulled out the corn casserole and overdone kale chips (oops).

To drink, I had half a pint of the strawberry lemonade from yesterday with club soda.

Much better for my palate today. Not as syrupy sweet!

So let me tell you about dinner. It was GOOD. Real good.

The kale chips were spicy.

The burritos were tangy and delicious.

The corn casserole was sweet and to die for. I look forward to these leftovers. Seriously. So good. Real butter, people! REAL BUTTER!

I am full. Satisfied. Happy. And very happy with the outcome, regardless of my overcooked kale chips. 😉