Martini Monday: The Dirty Girl Scout

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A month ago, my friend, Ellen, had a birthday. And we I celebrated it pretty hard. After weeks of being bombarded by Girl Scouts on the city streets, in front of grocery stores, and at work, and being gifted a box of thin mints, I went for it. In drink form.

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After googling some recipes and doing some taste testing, we came up with the following recipe:

2 ounces vanilla vodka
1 ounce dark chocolate liqueur
1/2 ounce Crème de Menthe

You know the drill. Combine all the ingredients in a shaker filled with ice, shake that bad boy up and pour yourself a Dirty Girl Scout. Garnish with a thin mint.

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Note on the garnish – our cookies were frozen and shattered when we tried to cut out a sliver. I also think it would be bomb to crumble them up and rim the glass. Next time, friends. Because there will be a next time even though 3 of these suckers (and a couple vodka cran’s) gave me the worst hangover in years).


Martini Monday: Pumpkin Pie Martini

Pumpkin Martini 060

I don’t even want to know how long it has been since I’ve posted a martini recipe. But have no fear, that doesn’t mean I went that long stretch without drinking them! I just reverted back to yummy classics such as the Key Lime Pie Martini and good ol’ Cosmo’s. Now that the holidays are around in full swing, I’m planning on trying out an array of fun new cocktails. And the first one in the line-up is a Pumpkin martini, just in time for Halloween! (Though, I’m assuming most of you did your celebrating this past weekend like we did!)


(Yep, we dressed up as Mormon Missionaries. Totally inappropriate and absolutely hilarious.)

On Friday night, we got together with some friends for pumpkin carving.  The girls and I went back and forth on different pumpkin martini recipes the whole week leading up to the event and finally settled on this one… and I took the initiative to test it out the night before. You know, just to make sure no one would die from it. Gotta take one for the team, right?

Pumpkin Martini 033

One of the big debates about recipes was that BevMo had pumpkin vodka, pumpkin liqueur, and pumpkin crème liqueur. We ended up going with the pumpkin liqueur because it seemed the most versatile. I have every intention of adding it to my coffee next weekend. I’m sure it could be used in baking too.

Pumpkin Martini 017

Pumpkin Pie Martini:

1 part whipped or vanilla vodka
1 part pumpkin spice liqueur
1 part Irish cream
1 shake of cinnamon
1 dash of nutmeg

Fill martini shaker with ice, add all ingredients and shake well. Strain into martini glass. Garnish with spices.

Another festive alternative would be to add a graham cracker rim or a cinnamon sugar rim.

Enjoy! (We did!)Pumpkin Carving 001Pumpkin Carving 084Pumpkin Carving 098

Martini Monday: Cloud Nine Martini


I have no idea why this martini is called a Cloud Nine Martini. Maybe it’s because the whiskey gives you a sense of euphoria. No? Just me? Ok. Anyway, our liquor cabinet is on the low side at the moment and I’m avoiding restocking so this one is a bit strange – whiskey (Balvenie that’s been in our possession for 4 years) and amaretto. And some mixers. But it was surprisingly good.


1 part whiskey
1 part amaretto
1 part pineapple juice
splash of grenadine
splash of club soda
maraschino cherry for garnish

Combine all ingredients (except cherry) in an ice filled martini shaker. Shake well, strain into martini glass. Garnish with cherry.

Martini Monday: Key Lime Pie Martini


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I know I did, even though I worked until 3p on Saturday. We took advantage of clear skies and squeezed in a couple outside runs, went out to dinner at a delicious Indian restaurant with a friend, saw The Hunger Games, and drank these. And they were amazing. I ended up polishing off my husband’s too.


I’m getting a lot of comments on how huge our martinis are – our glasses are easily the equivalent of two restaurant size martinis. So I’m going to start giving recipes by parts instead of ounces so you can easily adjust it for your size martini glass.

Key Lime Pie Martini

2 parts Pinnacle Whipped Vodka
2 parts Coconut Bay Rum
1 part Rose’s Lime Juice

1 graham cracker, crumbled

Rim martini glasses with lime juice then coat with graham cracker crumbs. Fill a martini shaker with ice, vodka, rum, and lime juice. Shake well. Strain into rimmed martini glasses.

Martini Monday: Pom Martini


It’s a simple twist on the classic Cosmopolitan – pomegranate juice has the same tartness as cranberry juice but is a little smoother on my palate making it one of my favorite’s.

Pomegranate Martini

makes 2 large martinis

4 oz Vodka
2 oz Triple Sec
2 oz Rose’s Lime Juice
4 oz Pomegranate Juice

Fill a martini shake with ice. Pour in all ingredients. Shake well. Strain into chilled martini glasses.

Martini Monday: The Bikini Martini


The other night, I was drinking these with my husband and talking to my dad on the phone and he asked why they are called a Bikini Martini. I said it was the tropical flavors – coconut rum, pineapple juice. “Oh,” he said. “I was hoping that meant it got girls to take their clothes off.” Har, har, Dad. Nice one. You are sooooo funny.

Anyway, these were really good. Sweet, easy to drink, a little tropical vacation in a glass. Now if I could only dip my toes in a body of water that isn’t hovering in the 40’s and we’d be in business.


Bikini Martini

Original recipe here.

Makes 2 large martinis.

4 oz coconut rum
3 oz vodka
4 oz pineapple juice
2 dashes grenadine

Combine rum, vodka and pineapple juice in a drink shaker. Shake firmly until frothy. Pour in a martini glass, add a touch of grenadine in the middle.

Martini Monday: Gin & Sin

Gin & Sin 005

So, you aren’t going to see a lot of gin martini’s around these parts. I just don’t like it. It tastes like pine needles and I don’t get excited about the thought of drinking a Christmas tree. But the husband loves his Tanqueray so he might mix up a few gin martini’s to showcase. In this case, I took a sip and it wasn’t bad – there was enough mixers in it that I couldn’t pick up the gin. It mostly just tasted really tart which I don’t really mind.

Gin & Sin 025

Gin & Sin

  • 1 oz gin
  • 1 oz lemon juice
  • 1 oz orange juice
  • dash of grenadine
  1. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
  2. Add a dash of grenadine.
  3. Shake well.
  4. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.