Firecracker 5000

I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July celebration! It was kind of strange having a day off in the middle of the week but I’m not complaining! We took advantage of the day off by staying out super late on Tuesday… We ran the Firecracker 5k at 11:55pm!

Hubs and Ellen and Nicole.

Before the 5k, we headed over to a friends house for BBQ then took the ferry into the city for the midnight run.

Me, Ellen and Nicole

Such a terrible picture, I’m sorry. Anyway, I made all the girls “running skirts” using stitch witchery, discount fabric, and some sport elastic. They are kind dorky but fun for the event. And we plan to reuse them for our political-themed Ragnar race coming up in a couple weeks. Whatevs, it was fun to get all dressed up in patriotic gear.

This was our first time doing the Firecracker 5k and going into it, I just wanted to have fun. Isn’t that what midnight runs are all about? There was a ton of amazing people watching.

I don’t know these people. I jacked this from the Firecracker 5000 facebook page.

The route took us around the Seattle Center and seemed to be uphill the entire time.


Nicole is a speed demon so she took off way ahead of us. Huz and Ellen hung back with me and let me set the pace. The road was pretty rough in patches and we had to dodge cones and turtles the entire time but getting cheered on by bar-goers was definitely the highlight.

The race was pretty awesomely organized. The pre-race stuff was cool – a few good booths with free samples, lots of people watching, plenty of facilities to use at Memorial Stadium. The start corrals were pretty informal. We hunkered down around the 10 min/mi marker knowing I wouldn’t be able to hang with that but starting out, it seemed good. It only took us a couple minutes to get over the start line and we were off! There was a little bit of congestion on the course but it wasn’t a huge deal.

1: 10:35
2: 10:55
3: 10:16
.14: 1:09 (8:02 pace!)

Final: 32:56 (Overall pace: 10:27)

I don’t really remember specifics about the course other than it was a little rough. I got grit in my eyes halfway through and couldn’t see anything for almost a mile. I even had to pull over for a minute to try and clean my eyes out. I just ended up squinting and trusting Jodus and Ellen to make sure I was going the right direction.

A couple of the hills were definitely challenging… I did say to Ellen at one point that I couldn’t maintain our current pace for the whole hill so we pulled back a little but it was hard to not get swept up in the energy. In the end, I still had a good kick in me and ended up passing a few people in the final stretch… and then felt like puking.

In the end, I ended up with a (small) PR and I was proud. Considering it was a night run on a non-ideal course, I know that I could do even better in the future and that was a rewarding feeling. (Which is a nice change of pace, no pun intended, from the demoralizing half marathon and long runs I have been doing.)

All in all, I’m not sure if this is a race I would do every year but it was really fun. We had to high tail it out of there to catch a cab to the last ferry home and we ended up sleeping in until 10a the next morning.

Our 4th was low-key – breakfast out, some yard work, and a grilled dinner. Happy 4th, all!


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