Anniversary Road Trip Part 2

Missed Part 1?

Anniversary Road Trip 157

After a few days of slowly making our way across the great state of Washington to Idaho, eating and drinking ourselves silly, we headed to Great Falls, Montana to visit my family.

Anniversary Road Trip 224

(That road on the mountainside? It’s the road. The hell road. That’s where we popped out last time after 20 miles of nerve-wracking driving!) 

We took the long way to Great Falls, following US-2 along the rivers and the edge of Glacier National Park. It was pretty, but I don’t know if it was worth the extra couple hours on the road. We ended up getting to my Mom’s house around dinner time and enjoyed some awesome smoked ribs. We spent the evening just hanging out, harassing my little brother, and taking it easy.

The following day, Mom took us to the First People’s Buffalo Jump. We walked through the informational center then headed up to the cliff where all the magic happened.

Anniversary Road Trip 169Anniversary Road Trip 166

It was actually really interesting! I enjoyed the short trip. We even got to see prairie dogs and a golden crown pheasant though no good pictures because I didn’t have my big lens. And no rattlesnakes, thank goodness.

We lunched at Staggering Ox which is a local chain. It’s known for it’s sandwiches – the bread is baked cylindrically and stuffed with your sandwich goodies, that way nothing falls out! It’s rather genius!

Photo: Eating at the Staggering Ox, the bread is made in a can! Jodus tackling The Nuke.

(Jacked from my Mom’s Instagram. Thanks, Ma!)

We spent the afternoon helping my mom plant her veggies garden (ok, and drinking beer, too) and then we cruised town for awhile. I had a long run plan and we were scoping out routes so I would feel more comfortable with the area.

For dinner, we went to MacKenzie River Pizza Co with my brothers and easily polished off an order of nachos and 3 large pizzas.  Yep, we’re a family of eaters. It’s also impossible to get a picture of all of us looking decent. (Sorry, Lonnie!)

Anniversary Road Trip 194

Please note: My little brother’s “Green Monster” truck says BEAR SHIT on the back. No, no, he doesn’t belong in Montana at all.

We happened to catch a pretty sunset and the bridge all lit up.

Anniversary Road Trip 183Anniversary Road Trip 220

Saturday morning, I hit the pavement for a 10 miler. Huz was nursing a toe injury so he cruised around town while I was out running which really made me not want to be running but it was good to see him and give him my Gu garbage.

After I got back and we had breakfast sandwiches, we all loaded up and headed up to my parent’s cabin in the woods, a couple hours outside of Great Falls. (Closest town for those curious: Helmville, aka Middle of Nowhere.)

Anniversary Road Trip 302Anniversary Road Trip 231

This was our first time to the cabin and we really enjoyed it! It’s cozy and fill of a lot of treasures from our travels in Europe… and, um, animal heads. It’s only slightly creepy. Until you learn that they are all named.

Anniversary Road Trip 255Anniversary Road Trip 266

We had my mom’s dogs with us – Becca (who very closely resembles our very own Pippin, she also happens to be battling cancer) and Summer.

Anniversary Road Trip 251Anniversary Road Trip 262

We spent the afternoon touring their property (40 acres!) and then broke into the booze and sat around waiting for dinner (Prime rib!) to cook.

Anniversary Road Trip 293Anniversary Road Trip 299Anniversary Road Trip 294

The boys even went out and played with guns… How very Mountain Man of them!

Anniversary Road Trip 445

Even though we were only there a night, we had a really good time. I definitely wouldn’t mind going back for a couple days next time but I don’t know how well I’d do for a whole week… I’m so high maintenance.

Anniversary Road Trip 329

We took off first thing the next morning for the 11-hour drive back home. Overall, it was a pretty good trip. And I only packed on 7 pounds in a week, which isn’t too shabby for me. HA! (4 are already gone… so I’m not too concerned… I mean, 3 more on top of my already extra 20 is nothing, right?)


3 Responses

  1. What a great recount of the trip, miss you guys already!

  2. Happy anniversary! It looks like a great trip. I went on a road trip from Portland to Montana years ago and loved it. What beautiful country.

  3. OMG Staggering Ox AND MacKenzie River Pizza? I am soooooo jealous. Two of the best restaurants in Montana!

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