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Anniversary Road Trip Part 1

Last week was our 2nd wedding anniversary. Tears, we are no longer considered newlyweds!

Anniversary Road Trip 101

We tossed around a lot of ideas for how to celebrate and decided that #1, we can’t spend a lot of money but #2 we can take the whole week off. Then I found out my kid brother was graduating the Saturday after our anniversary (a Wednesday) in Great Falls, MT and thus the most unglamorous Anniversary Road Trip idea was spurred. And we did what we do best – eat and drink ourselves silly.

Anniversary Road Trip 098

A few days after tossing this idea around, I found a Groupon deal for wine tasting in Wenatchee which is a river town in Central Washington. I didn’t know much about Wenatchee but I know we love wine and wine is what bonded us in the first place so it seemed appropriate.

Anniversary Road Trip 124

Last Saturday, we had tickets to the Mariners with my dad and had a blast. Then we sent Pippin off with her Grandpapa for the week. We hit the road bright and early Monday morning and our first stop was my favorite breakfast joint on the other side of the water, Maltby Café.

We drove a couple hours and just outside of Leavenworth, we left the highway and sought out a little hike. We ended up at Icicle Creek and tromped around the woods for a couple miles.

Anniversary Road Trip 002Anniversary Road Trip 011Anniversary Road Trip 030

It was sprinkling off and on but it was good to get out and stretch out those legs (after having run 9 miles the day before). Jodus was also really excited to take his new ride off the pavement… and through creeks.

Anniversary Road Trip 056Anniversary Road Trip 062

We ended up in Leavenworth for lunch – brats at Munchen Haus.

Anniversary Road Trip 064Anniversary Road Trip 066

And then beer tasting at Icicle Creek Brewery. We weren’t particularly impressed with any of their brews though.

Anniversary Road Trip 084

We continued on to Wenatchee and got settled into our hotel room, grabbed a bite to eat (at McGlinn’s), then hunkered down with a bottle of wine, HGTV, and a king size bed. Living the high life, I tell ya! Ok, we did wander a little bit and check out the riverside trail that was littered with sculptures. It was pretty and interesting.

Anniversary Road Trip 088Anniversary Road Trip 100

After a full Monday, we took it easy on Tuesday. Partially not by choice but more on that in a minute. We did a quick run on the river trail again (badger sighting! I think…), showered up and headed out. Breakfast was at Wild Huckleberry and was zOMG so good! And cheap! Winning! 

It was our denoted “wine tasting” day but apparently most of the wineries on the Groupon deal are closed on Tuesdays. Thanks for telling us that when we booked, assholes. So we ended up back in Leavenworth for a few tasting rooms.

Anniversary Road Trip 140Anniversary Road Trip 119Anniversary Road Trip 121

We ended up buying 3 bottles to take home and some fancy chocolates. Lunch was at Baren Haus for some schnitzel that I was seriously craving. And a side of spaetzle. And beer, of course. (Yep, even after wine tasting for a couple hours!)

Anniversary Road Trip 132Anniversary Road Trip 125Anniversary Road Trip 139

We walked off our carbs at the Nutcracker Museum then headed back to Wenatchee.

Anniversary Road Trip 155

The rest of the day was again, uneventful. Dinner was meh, just ok. We used our dining credit that came with our Groupon deal. More HGTV and wine in bed and lights out by 9pm. Wine tasting is exhausting I tell ya.

Wednesday was our actual anniversary. We packed up and said goodbye to the pretty but uninteresting Wenatchee for the prettier and only slightly more interesting Coeur d’Alene. The thing with Coeur d’Alene is that if you rent a cabin and boat and do water sports, it’s awesome. If not, it’s just another small river town. We did the “Main Street” thing after checking in to our hotel and decided to hit up Moon Time for lunch. It had a great microbrew selection and lunch was decent.

We digested with a swim in the hotel pool for an hour (kicking therapy!) and hot tubbing. For our anniversary dinner, Huz treated me to sushi which is a huge deal. He’s usually pretty anti-sushi because he doesn’t know what to order and it doesn’t fill him up but after stuffing our faces for a few days, something on the lighter side was perfection. After a quick Google search, we decided on Syringa. And it happened to be $10 bottle of wine night. It was a sign. The service was amazing. The food was beautiful and delicious, and we had a blast.

We still felt like celebrating so we headed to 315 Martini & Tapas. And we ended up having 3 martinis each. And spent more on the drinks than we did on dinner. Oops. BUT the martinis were SO good! They make a lot of their syrups in house so we got to try some pretty fun things like this Diabolique – a spicy jalapeno martini that will put hair on your chest!

Since it was a Wednesday night, it was really quiet and we had so much fun chatting with the bartender. It turns out the 315 is actually in an Inn so if we ever end up in Coeur d’Alene again, we are totally going to stay there so all we have to do is stumble back up to our room.

The next morning was a tiny bit rough but I still managed to get out the door for a 5 mile run along the Centennial Trail.

We packed up and hit the road to Montana – the Anniversary celebration was over, and time to see the family.


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  1. Time to see the family for even more fun! It looks like the perfect anniversary to me!

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