It’s Alive!

Oh, well, hello there! I didn’t really mean to drop off the face of the planet the past couple weeks but I doubt hardly anyone noticed anyway. My new job (2 months in!) is at a CPA firm so yesterday was the biggest day of our year – Tax Day. In the past, Tax Day has never meant much to me. I’m an overacheiver and always have my taxes done as soon as all my documents are in order – usually sometime in February, March is I put off paying the IRS a hefty sum like this year. But yesterday? Yesterday we celebrated – with mimosas at 4 in the afternoon. And the CPA’s are celebrating by taking the rest of the week off to catch up on sleep, I presume.

For the past 2 months, I have been clocking in 6-day work weeks and nearly 60 hours a week. That’s nothing compared to the CPAs though. The paychecks have been stellar but the past few weeks, my energy levels have plummeted. I haven’t been doing much cooking, or cleaning, or exercising for that matter. We’ve been eating out weekly, at least, which is quite the change for us. I also cooked a huge ham the day after Easter which has basically been our sole sustenance at home for the past week and yes, I’m just about tired of it. Thank goodness it is nearly gone. We’ve also been dealing with a broken washing machine which led to Saturday night at the Laundromat and the hefty purchase of a new washer and dryer to be delivered this upcoming Saturday. (Bank account has been hemorrhaging the past few months! Ugh!) And last week, we also got word of an unexpected visit from my Mother-in-Law – she’s arriving this Friday for a few days which will be great but not exaclty the relaxing weekend I had in mind.

So basically, things aren’t quite to the point of winding down just yet. But the days are getting longer, the weather is mostly getting better, and hopefully by May, I can be back to my old self, cooking and running and drinking and blogging but hopefully not all at once for your sake.


2 Responses

  1. Glad you’re back! Sounds like a very busy time but extra money is nice. Isn’t it always the way it happens….you get a bonus or overtime and then your car breaks down or something and all that money goes to fixing it. Damn Murphy’s Law!

  2. We’ll be around when you are.

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