5 Things Friday

I didn’t mean to be MIA all week but I was a little bit of a sour puss and didn’t have any particularly noteworthy meals to blog about. Still don’t so you get a random post today.

1) Apparently there is a downside to being a non-home-owning DINK (dual-income-no-kids).


We got hit hard this year thanks to some miscellaneous income from me and a pay bump for him that jumps us up a bracket. We have no kids and no mortgage interest to write-off which sucks but at the same time is awesome because I know our four figure tax bill is still a hell of a lot cheaper than day care and an infinite supply of cheeries and I don’t have to give two shits about the woodpeckers going to town on my house right now because it ain’t my house. But ouch, this stings a bit right now. Adjustments to withholdings have been made so hopefully next year we are more prepared.

2) I made chicken with lemon basil sauce.


I had high hopes because, let’s face it, lemon and basil is awesome, but this was pretty unexciting. It does make for a quick and easy weeknight meal though.

3) I got orthotics this week.


No, not the old school grandma kind. Just inserts for my running shoes. My knees seem to be on the mend and I actually managed to run 2.5 miles, twice, this past week. I think I owe you guys a post more on that. Note taken. For now, I’m trying to break in the orthotics with some walking. I might try a short run tomorrow to see how they feel. I’m having a hard time taking it easy and slowly ramping back up but I’m trying to be patient. I’m hoping that the inserts also help keep my plantar fasciitis at bay.

And on that note…

4) Our Ragnar team is officially registered and we have 10 of our 12 slots filled which is amazing considering we are still almost 6 months out from the race.


We decided to name our team None of the Above to pay homage to the election year, and one of the best movies of the 80’s.

5) Last night, I made a bastardized version of Shelby’s Almost Perfect Pad Thai thus making it not even close to perfect but still delicious.

Pad Thai

I didn’t have shrimp or tofu so it was vegetarian, and I added carrots and stirred in the bean sprouts and had extra noodles so the sauce ratio was off and used cilantro instead of green onion because that’s what I had and ended up adding tamarind because I though pad thai is always supposed to have tamarind? Anyway, it got devoured while watching Gossip Girl.

Happy Friday.


8 Responses

  1. Hey lady! Just wanted to say hayyyyyyyyy (and meant to post about your emotional detox post last month – but of course forgot – I’m a dummy). Anyways – sorry about the tax hit. Does Washington have a renters credit? Michigan does for the State taxes which is nice and sometimes makes up for the fed hit. I got screwed too from self-employment BS. I owe, A owes, we all oweeeeeeeeeee.

    BTW – A made me watch Brewsters Millions for the 1st time a few weeks ago. The half I saw was great, then I had to go to sleep because I’m 97. Grrr. Will rent it on Netflix.

    • No state tax here in WA (which is nice but we have killer sales tax) so no renters credit. Boo hiss. The only thing we could write-off was my student loan interest which is piddly. You must see Brewster’s Millions. It’s a classic. I wish we had a Richard Pryor look-alike on our team.

  2. Ohhhh sucks that you got slammed with taxes.

    But you’re right. At least you don’t have babies. I’m pretty sure babies refuse to eat anything but money.

  3. Our tax code is FUCKED up. Plain and simple. I’ve been a proponent of the “fair tax” for years now. I doubt it will ever leave the grassroots platform but it would be great to see some serious reform. Dream on.

    Funny comment about babies eating money from Ty.

    I hope those orthodics help you out. PF is such a bitch to get rid of. I love the name of your Ragnar team. So clever! I’m obviously not doing it this year but mabye 2013. Thanks for being honest about the unexciting the chicken recipe was. Before you said that I was going to click over. I feel like I can’t trust food bloggers at all because everything is ZOMG amaaazing when it’s really not.

    • I agree – a lot of recipes I try are good, decent recipes but you’d think they were the second coming the way bloggers describe them. The lemon basil sauce didn’t totally suck, it just wasn’t zOMG amazing. The nice thing about it is that I have the ingredients on hand 99% of the time and it’s quick and an easy was to “fancy up” some plain chicken breasts. It’s probably one of those recipes I would try to doctor up a bit when I’m feeling experimental but am not in the mood right now.

  4. You know we get to claim what we pay in day care on our taxes, right? HAHA!

    I love you…and I COMPLETELY agree about the renting thing…”it ain’t my problem”

  5. In case they didn’t mention it to you when you got your orthotics – the inserts aren’t supposed to go in running shoes that already have arch support. I used to get A LOT of people in to the running store who had orthotics and corrective running shoes, so they were being overcorrected and basically running on the outsides of their feet. For some reason they were never informed that orthotics only go in ‘neutral’ running shoes. Hope they provide some much needed relief!

    • Good to know. They did remove the insert that was already in my running shoe. I have the New Balance 860’s. Not sure what kind of shoes those are? I got fitted at a running store…

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