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The Strange Brewfest


This past weekend, my husband and I made the trek up to my dad’s neck of the woods for The Strange Brewfest in Port Townsend. We are pretty big beer lovers, especially the Huz, so we were looking forward to trying a bunch of local brews.

We went up Friday after work, enjoyed dinner with my Dad at my favorite Thai restaurant, then headed over to our favorite bar/restaurant, Sirens. Our favorite brewery, Silver City, was hosting a “Kill the Keg” event – for $6 you got a Silver City beer glass full of their Clear Creek Ale which happens to one of their most popular.

Yep, I just used “favorite” three times in that paragraph to describe our Friday night. And guess what? It was awesome. This was our first post-detox weekend and let’s just say we made up for lost time.

After the keg was sufficiently killed (and we befriended the head of sales of Silver City, a very good person to know), we headed over to the brewfest. We totally got the hookup because my dad was a volunteer bartender. That means we got in for free all weekend and basically had access to more drink tokens than we could handle. It was awesome. Thanks, Pop!

The Strange Brewfest 015

{His shirt says, “I don’t make mistakes, I date them.” Yes, ladies, he’s single! Haha.}

Friday night, not all 30 vendors were there but there was definitely enough to keep us entertained and drinking for hours. Um, yeah. We kinda got ham-boned. There was live music and the beer was flowing.

The Strange Brewfest 012

The whole purpose of The Strange Brewfest, if you can’t figure it out based on the name, is that the beers are a b it unorthodox. There are awards given to the best … and the strangest… which are never the same.

The Strange Brewfest 011

{Blurry drunk picture for the win!}

We started off at the Silver City booth, naturally. They had a rosemary IPA and a basil ale. The flavors were incredibly subtle and were actually beers that I would find myself choosing to drink regularly. Others were not so tasty but there were a few good ones – the Nut Warmer was a peanut butter porter I think. We also liked a Hibiscus Hefeweizen and there were a couple of chocolate stouts I enjoyed.

The Strange Brewfest 014

Some of the stranger beers were the sour cherry scotch ale, a jalalpeno ale, margarita pizza ale, bacon blonde, and many more. The list goes on and I was far too inebriated to keep track. A lot of them got dumped after a taste.

Overall, we had a great time and I would highly recommend it for beer lovers. There was also a decent selection of ciders available as well. We went back again on Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours and it was packed. We could hardly move and got bumped with full beers the entire time. There was also no live music while we were there, the floor reminded me of keg parties at frat houses in college, and it was really stuffy. We were also slightly hung over from the night before so that didn’t help. We tried a few beers and called it a day. We were beered out. So we bought a pizza and a bottle of wine and headed back to my dads to curl up with a movie.

The Strange Brewfest 006

We did manage to squeeze in a short run this weekend as well as a trip to Chetzamoka with Pippin. She adores coming to Port Townsend – she gets spoiled by my dad so much. It’s always relaxing and feels like a mini vacation.

The Strange Brewfest 007


5 Responses

  1. Sounds like a FAB week-end.

  2. How did we not know about this festival?? That sounds so awesome! We’re microbrew fanatics! Not to mention, Port Townsend totally rocks! I spent half my childhood there, plus Keenan and I spent our anniversary there last summer. I wish I’d been able to go!

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun. I can’t imagine what a margarita pizza beer would taste like. The chocolate stouts sounds up my alley.

  4. What a great time, I’m only a little pouty because I wasn’t there.

  5. This does sound awesome. It would be right up our alley. I would have loved to try that basil ale.

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