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Detox Wrap Up

Yesterday was our last day of our 3-week detox. This is the third time we’ve done the detox – the first time was pre-blog, and the second time is pretty well documented with a really in-depth reflections post. (Jodus also left a detailed comment about his thoughts on it as well.)

I don’t want to rehash it all out because my thoughts are basically the same – breakfast is still a challenge but having a Vitamix helps make bomb smoothies, greens are still smelly, our energy is up, we both lost weight (8lbs for me, 12 for Huz), I still craved chocolate and wine and eggs. What I do want to talk about is why we do this.

The goal for the detox was to get back on track. Mission accomplished.

In October, I went to Hawaii for a week. November had Thanksgiving in there. December was a trip to Phoenix, Christmas, and Huz’s birthday. We were indulging way more than usual – boozing it up, eating a significant amount of chocolate every night, not paying attention to portions. As a result, I packed on 10 pounds and my pants were uncomfortably tight. (It should be noted that part of that was due to reduced activity level thanks to a knee injury.)

Through 3 weeks of a plant-based diet, we were able to undo most of the effects of 3 months of crap. My pants are comfortable again, I feel like I’m in control of my eating habits again, and I generally feel better about myself (it was touch and go there for a minute). I like to describe it as a pendulum effect. We had been swung hard left off balance and had to come back hard right to help us get back to that gentle swaying in the middle.

This strict of a “diet” is definitely not something I can maintain for much longer than 3 weeks without losing my sanity. But it does make me a lot more aware of my eating habits. Do I really want/need a piece of chocolate after dinner or am I reaching for it out of habit? (Answer: it’s usually habit.) Is there a better snack option for me than the all-too-convenient granola bar? (Answer: yes, there is a better option – veggies and hummus or a piece of fruit.) How many servings of fruits and veggies have I had today? (Answer: typically it isn’t enough.) Do we really need a starchy side dish with dinner? (Answer: probably not.) Do I really need to butter these veggies? (Answer: Not really, but damn is butter good.)

So now, we work on finding that balance. And yes, it will include adding a little butter to veggies. And it will include eggs for breakfast. And it will include eating meat again. But it’ll all be in moderation. Side salads will be a regular occurrence. So will smoothies for breakfast. I’m going to try to not get into the habit of coffee everyday just for the sake of having coffee. And I’m back to super dark chocolate instead of Lindor truffles and Milky Way Midnight bars.

And yes, I’m fantasizing about my next piece of bacon and gulp of dark beer which will definitely be going down this upcoming weekend in epic form.

4 Responses

  1. You guys did great! I admire your determination. I do not think I could eat that ‘clean’ for three weeks! Good for you!

  2. Wow. Three weeks is way impressive. I need to try this soon though!

  3. Your blog is awesome! Curious… have you considered following the 80/20 rule? Just my observation, but indulging followed by deprivation doesn’t seem like much fun. If you ate clean 80% of the time you could still have all the wonderful beers and other things you love without guilt or weight gain, plus you wouldn’t have to think of it as cheating. I’ve also found it can help eliminate cravings and maintain your weight :).

    • Thanks and I think it is a good question. I feel like, in general, I do follow an 80/20 rule. It just seems that the holidays tend to get the best of me and it is maybe more 20/80 … lol. I do enjoy beer and wine and chocolate on a regular basis. Maybe I just wasn’t clear in my explanation as to why we detox at the start of every year. Coming out of the holidays, I crave being healthy, I don’t want sugar. I don’t want booze. I want veggies. I want fresh, home cooked meals. This is just a structured way to get back on track. The best way I can describe it is it’s like a pendulum swing – the holidays swing us a hard right, the detox swings us back a hard left, and the rest of the time we are happily sawying, gently in the middle. We only do the detox for 3 weeks, and usually, the first 2 weeks are great and I have no feelings of deprivation. usually by the 3rd week though, I’m itching for a glass of wine with dinner. I can handle that.

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