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WIAW: Detox Week 3

Fingers are crossed for a snow day today – we are supposed to get up to 10 inches! That’s huge in this area.

Breakfast: Green Monster in new tumbler! Straws make drinking these so much easier. I always make them too thick to slurp.


For two: 3 carrots, 1 banana, 3 cups frozen chopped spinach, 1 cup frozen mixed berries, 2 scoops brown rice protein powder, 2 scoops Greens+, 3 cups unsweetened almond milk. That makes 2-24oz monsters that take me over an hour to drink while getting ready. Pills: Vit D, Vit B, Vit C, mutli-vitamin, Fish oil, glucosamine, glutamine. (And yes, they are in a smiley face, thanks to my husband!)

It was a busy day at work after a 4-day weekend. I munched on grape tomatoes while processing paperwork and prepping for a big meeting. (<- I only said that so I sound important. But I’m not at all.)


A slightly later than usual lunch: leftover Italian Vegetable Soup with Vegan Pesto (stirred in) that got devoured all too quickly. It’s actually a pretty big bowl – 4 cups I think? And lots of sweet potato and parsnip to fill me up.


Also did really well on the water front – 3 Siggs at work and one at home.

Afternoon snack at the office: 2 kiwis, skin and all.


Afternoon snack at home so I don’t gnaw my arm off while cooking dinner: 3 tiny dates with almond butter.


Dinner was yet another orange soup. Recipe to come, tomorrow probably.


And I made a decent sized side salad to go with that looks kind of unappetizing but is really good: Earthbound Organics Herb Salad Mix + sundried tomatoes + capers + kalamata olives + homemade vinaigrette.


It was a fabulous dinner and relatively normal. I don’t think that you can tell by looking at my daily eats that I’m on a detox and that’s what I love about this program. It isn’t extreme. Anyone can do it.


Daily totals:

Calories: 1658
Carbs: 228g
Protein: 69g
Fat: 59g
Fiber: 54g (wowsers!)


I’m happy with that considering this is essentially a vegan diet. Normally, I’d shoot for a higher amount of protein but since I’m not weight lifting right now, it is less of an issue for me.

And with that, that’s the last WIAW for the 3-week detox. I’ll be back next week with a little recap/reflection post for this go around but if you are itching to hear more about it, check out this post from 2010.


4 Responses

  1. Everything in this post looks delicious, especially the soups. I have a couple of insulated cups, that my friends call Adult Sippy’s lol, but do you ever have trouble cleaning the straw? It’s the only thing I dislike about the cups.

    • Ours are super easy to clean as long as you do it right away. We just run hot water through them then throw them in the dishwasher (top rack only).

      • I haven’t tried running them through the dishwasher, I’ll have to do that! Thanks 🙂

  2. That actually does look like a totally doable detox. There’s something about detoxes that don’t allow any carbs that I just can’t handle, but this one looks balanced!

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