White Starchy Goodness: The College Years

With how squeaky clean our diet is with the detox at the moment, I can’t help but fantasize about foods that are on the “not allowed” list. Thank goodness this thing is only 3 weeks long – that’s about as much as I can handle without a drink. For whatever reason, I started thinking about my favorite crap meals and more specifically, the ones I indulged in during college because they were hella cheap and satisfying (when I wasn’t eating pizza or Subway sandwiches that I procured from work).

Ranch Mashed Potatoes


A giant bowl. Probably a 4-serving size? Microwaved instant mashed potatoes. With Hidden Valley Ranch. Had to be. Light means it’s healthy, right? (And a lot of it, too! Think soupy mashed potatoes.)



Ok, yes, I know this is the good old college stand by but I had a particular method of eating it. 2 packets of chicken flavored, boiled, water drained, 1 seasoning packet, a couple shakes of hot sauce, mix, devour with a fork while sitting cross-legged on the couch while watching The Gilmore Girls. (Apparently the fact that I completely drain the water out is a travesty! I remember getting into a huge debate about the proper way to eat ramen but it seems like everyone did something different!)

Rice and Vinegar


Another good cheap-o meal carberrific meal that requires very little actual cooking! Cook rice per package instructions then douse with rice vinegar. A lot. Like, to the point where if you were to inhale over the bowl, you would go into a coughing fit.

Garlicky Noodles


White spaghetti noodles + butter + garlic powder + parmesan. The powdery fake Kraft stuff, not the real stuff. Bonus points for making garlic toast to go with it.

Right now, all of these sound really freaking good but I think I’m just going through withdrawals. Garlicky noodles might be my first post-detox meal though, not gonna lie.


9 Responses

  1. I drain the water out of my ramen too! Clearly, it’s the superior way. I miss ramen so much, it was a totally comfort food for me. I’ve never seen a gluten-free alternative. (And yes, everyone gave me crap about draining the water!)

    I’ve never had the rice & rice vinegar combo. I want to try that. I am going through major withdrawals for sugar right now but some starch all up in my face sounds pretty good too!

  2. I always used to drain the water from my ramen. It somehow made it seem more like a meal than with all that broth. I agree with the above….a gluten free ramen would be so awesome!

  3. Haha, garlic noodles. Those we a staple for sure. My roommate used to add about a stick of butter to her Ramen, we wondered why we gained weight…
    My college staple was Lipton Chicken Flavored Noodle Pouches. I think they are actually a side dish, but I ate the whole packet. Super healthy.

  4. I must live under a rock, I always called it oodles of noodles soup – not even realizing it was the same thing as Ramen. The case I had in college survived too moves, the chicken flavored seasoning it was too salty for me.
    I used to take those BonAppetit noodle bowls to work a few times a week to be “healthy”…I worked at Burger King, then Dunkin Donuts. It was a very carbariffic time.

  5. I drained the water out of my ramen noodles too! I actually didn’t know you weren’t supposed to until I saw a roomate eating ramen soup.

    The mashed potato with ranch reminds me of my uni roomies who loved french fries with mayo.

  6. I can relate to the mashed potatoes. It made me think of another “carb-unfriendly” old favorite of mine—mashed potatoes (about the same serving size as you mention here), doused with gravy and then topped with corn. Or, for more badness—Wonderbread, with a mound of potatoes, with a boatload of gravy, with a ladle of corn on top. Delish. (I feel nauseous now simply writing about it!) Hang in there!

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