Thanksgiving Weekend

We’ve had a turkey filled weekend here, just like everyone else!

Thursday, we drove down to do a big dinner with some extended family. Football was on. Words With Friends was played. Food was eaten.


I actually passed on turkey since I knew I was making it the following day for a second, small Thanksgiving dinner, thanks to a free turkey. At midnight, we headed out and did some Black Friday shopping. Crazy busy, crazy deals. We “saved” over $400 on work clothes at Kohl’s and got $60 Kohl’s Kash to spend later. Score. Later on in the day, we hit up Fred Meyer as well and picked up a couple of boring things for me and a gift for Jodus’ dad.

We invited a friend over and served up our favorites for dinner.


Amongst the turkey, gravy, and taters, I also made  honeyed peas with walnuts, and Kale & Sweet Potatoes with Cranberry Chipotle Sauce that stole the show. (Second best was my cranberry sauce – it turned out perfect. Husband would probably argue that the roasted garlic parmesan mashed potatoes were his favorite.)

There was probably enough food to feed a family of ten. Or just the two of us for the next week.


I’ve already made a Shepherd’s Pie and a batch of soup (to freeze!) and we still have plenty of turkey for salads and sandwiches throughout the week.

We spent the rest of the weekend visiting family – my Grandma Sue and her husband are visiting from the East Coast! (I also got to meet my Dad’s new girlfriend which went very well and she seems normal. Which is a vast improvement from the past couple catches he’s gotten.) Anyway, we played a ridiculous amount of Bananagrams and WWF, and I’m officially the Word Game Queen in our family. Mom would be so proud.

I’m hoping everyone had a fabulous weekend! I think I’m still digesting my ginormous food baby.



2 Responses

  1. Love that pic! Now I want to make a second Thanksgiving dinner…our leftovers are already gone.

  2. I love your little wine tumblers…so cute!

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