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What a Crock


When I die, you are going to have to pull this thing out of my cold, dead hands. I’ve used it three times this week already. And it’s only Wednesday. And I have plans to use it at least 2 more times before the week is up.

And it’s all Susan’s fault. Sorta. Kinda. Well, I guess not really. But it’s not like it’s a bad thing! It just makes life soooo much easier. Not that life is really that hard, I’m just saying.

So. I made Susan’s Lazy Girl Crockpot Curry. Because I’m a lazy girl. And I love curry. And I had all the ingredients on hand. Winning.


I reduced the chicken, upped the veggies, and it was delicious. Next time, I’d increase the heat – spice, not temperature.

After this delicious (and super easy) meal, it got the wheels in my noggin’ turning. What if I tried my pumpkin curry in the crockpot? How would that work?

Pumpkin Curry attempt #2 which looks a lot like Lazy Girl Curry… but it’s different:


(Attempt #1 here.) It was much better than #1 but still not quite right. I don’t think the end product will be a crockpot meal. The pumpkin ended up a little mushy. So onward and upward, I’m sure I’ll be attempting this again very soon.

And since I’m about to OD on curry, I tried making French Onion Soup for the first time. But was lazy and just threw a piece of Dave’s on top instead of fancy bread.


Next time, I’d cut the onion thinner. And use less sugar. But other than that, it was delicious. And fortunately for me, it wasn’t Husband’s favorite so I got to rock the leftovers. (He said it was onion overload! Is there such a thing!?)


10 Responses

  1. Oooh! French Onion soup in the crockpot? What a fantastic idea!

  2. I have chili in my crockpot right now! That french onion soup looks SO good. My husband isn’t a huge fan of soup for dinner, but I think I can win him over with the cheese toasts 🙂 Any idea if I can I use regular yellow onions in this since there is sugar in it too?

  3. I love curry! Indian/Thai curry is probably my favorite meal. Thanks for the recipe–it looks totally easy to make.

  4. My slow cooker has seriously turned me into a lazy cook. Or at least brought out the laziness in me. My dad is always buying roasts and big hunks of meat. We’ll sit and discuss all the wonderful ways we can cook it and just end up going “Aw hell, let’s just put it in the slow cooker.” It’s good every time though! Except that time I burnt oatmeal in it.

  5. i think i’m the only one who cannot manage to make anything worth eating with my crock pot!! Every single recipe I’ve made = total fail!

  6. I love my crockpot too! I’m really wanting to make that french onion soup now!

  7. I don’t use my crock pot nearly enough! But french onion soup sounds really good right about now.

  8. Sounds wonderful.

  9. I love my crock pot! The French Onion soup is a great idea and I can’t wait to try the Lazy Girl Curry.

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