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Repeat Offender

To be completely honest, I haven’t been feeling particularly creative in the kitchen lately. I would like to think that it is because of my vacation a couple weeks ago, coming home and not know what is in the fridge and being too lazy to do grocery shopping. But then, this past weekend came and went, again, without me meal planning or grocery shopping.

So instead, I’ve been fumbling my way around the kitchen and making oldies but goodies like Chana Masala and Sweet Potato Turkey Tacos.

There have been some classics like Sheppard’s Pie and Spaghetti. And some twists on classics like turkey parmesan and rockfish picatta.

Don’t get me wrong! We’ve definitely been eating well, just not necessarily exciting by any means. And that’s ok.

I did try one new thing (besides the pumpkin curry) recently, and that’s Cassie’s Lasagna Soup that was highly unphotogenic but a delicious bowl of warm goodness. (I used chicken sausage instead of italian, and topped it with goat cheese instead of ricotta and could have done with more spice.)


So, dear friends, I need some help reigniting the flame! What have you been eating that is amazing or new or unique that will get me begging to spend all weekend in the kitchen?


9 Responses

  1. I’m obsessed with making casseroles lately. I’ve done about a million different versions of shephard’s pie in recent months, and now I’m on to making things with a bready-y crust on top (like today’s chickpea pot pie, but also made a tamale pie with cornbread on top, biscuit casserole, etc). Next up I want to try grape leaves (dolmades) and gnocchi.

  2. I haven’t made anything super exotic and exciting lately but I have been trying my hand at new techniques and recipes I’ve never made myself.

    I started on Sunday by making lasagna. Well I’ve made lots of lasagna in my lifetime but this time I made the ricotta cheese and pasta noodles from scratch!! Two things I have never tried doing before.

    Yesterday I made flour tortillas for the first time and last night I made tamales with absolutely no prior experience!!

    I think it’s fun to get out of your comfort zone and push beyond what you already ‘know’ how to do.

  3. I made some killer mozzarella stuffed turkey meatballs the other night.

    Also cheese-stuffed BBQ turkey meatloaf.

    I really love stuffed meat, apparently.

  4. Lots of soup! Oh, and if you are not already on Pinterest, I highly recommend it. Its a great way to get some inspiration!

  5. How about a tapas night??? I’m digging the open pot soup/casserole thing right now. Today I even made some fresh baked bread!

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