Maui: What We Ate

Maui 1366

In between a lot of activity on our trip to Maui, we did a lot of eating. But ever since I’ve gotten away from posting daily eats, I’ve gotten a little camera shy in public. As a result, I didn’t capture every meal we ate out and I certainly didn’t capture the many stops at roadside fruit stands for fresh smoothies, coconut treats, and tropical breads. I may have also downed a few containers of macadamia nuts – chocolate covered, onion, coffee glazed. Yum.

Anyway, our dining out. We had a couple really good meals and a couple mediocre.

The first night, we hit Three’s. We took advantage of their happy hour and ordered 4 dishes to share – chicken satay, lettuce wraps, nachos and a quesadilla.

Maui 035Maui 036Maui 037Maui 038

I loved the chicken satay and lettuce wraps. The quesadilla was decent and the nachos were … different. Not bad, just different. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and sitting out on the deck.

Maui 029

The second night, we went to Fat Daddy’s.

Maui 202

It was a small restaurant that obviously specializes in BBQ so that’s what we had!

Maui 204

The meat was great – cooked to perfection. The beans were spicy, the cole slaw was mayonnaise-y, and the cornbread buttery.

On our day in Lahaina, we went to Cheeseburger in Paradise, only for the novelty of it. It was totally kitschy and fun.

Maui 223

As an ode to my husband, I ordered the black and bleu burger and we split a side of sweet potato fries. It was greasy spoon delicious and a total gut bomb. Loved it.

Maui 229

At our Luau on Monday night, we got our fill of traditional Hawaiian food – it looks a hot mess but it was pretty good for buffet food.

Maui 291

Since we were staying at a condo, we typically did breakfast at home before heading out but we did make it out once – to Kihei Caffe. I ordered the chorizo breakfast tacos.

Maui 366

Again, I loved all the outdoor dining options in Maui.

Maui 367

We had a terrible meal at Spices. I also had tacos at Maui Tacos that was ok, not particularly noteworthy.

After our whale watching trip, we were hangry and walked into the first place we saw – Beach Bums. Typical sort of bar & grill food with a nice flare of seafood. I went with the mango mahi wrap and it was pretty darn good.

Maui 2 162

We were happy enough with the meal that we actually went back again right before heading home and I mobbed on a fish sandwich. It was equally delicious.

In Paia, on the way back from Hana, we did dinner at Milagros. Yet again, we sat out on the deck, enjoying the 70* evening weather. I made another go at fish tacos with much better results than Maui Tacos.

Maui 2 213

Our final dinner was at Café O’Lei, per a recommendation of Amanda. And it was my favorite meal of the week. The atmosphere was a bit loud and we were tucked into a corner table with a not great waiter but the food made up for it. I tried to get my fill of fresh seafood to I did just that.

Maui 652

Shrimp and mussels and clams, oh my!

My impression overall of dining in Maui is that there is definitely an array of seafood choices, lots of typical burger joints, but not a ton of traditional Hawaiian food readily available, or at least not that I got my hands on. I was looking forward to trying a taro burger but was saddened by the lack of it on the menus. I guess I will just have to go back sometime to hunt one down!


6 Responses

  1. TOTALLY WORTH 5+ pounds gained. 🙂

  2. Wowza! Looks like a great time was had =)

  3. Everything looks so good! Awesome pictures! I wonder if it’s hard to be a vegetarian while visiting Hawaii? I guess I will have to find out!

  4. Your trip looks and sounds like a sucess all around. So great you took advantage of such a great opportunity! That food all looks amazing.

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