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Guest Post: Omelet Muffins

Leah’s note: Thanks so much to my sister for offering up another guest post! I’m excited to try these out!

Hello, again, everyone! For those of you who don’t know me…or didn’t have the distinct pleasure of reading my last guest blog…I’m Janet, Leah’s “not-sister.”


When Leah put out feelers for more guest posts, I have to be honest with you…I thought, “ugh…not this time, I have way too much going on…” But then, I got to thinking about it, and you know what…I’m not that busy. I’m your average full-
time, career teacher, Air Force wife, mother to a four year old…wait…okay…maybe I am that busy. But, so what? I like doing the blogging thing…and I love to help my family out whenever I can.

It took me a while to figure out what to make for this. I’ve recently been introduced to kraftfoods.com (this is not a plug for them, I swear) and I really like some of the healthy menus they have, so I kicked a few of those recipes around for a while.
Then I decided to be a little different and do breakfast.

It hit me Friday night while goofing off on Pinterest. Someone pinned a picture of omelet muffins and I thought, “THAT’S a good idea, I should totally make those for M.” M’s my husband, he’s currently doing his annual ‘carb free’ diet-thing and sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas of things he’ll eat that are still family friendly. He LOVES omelets—I like bites of omelets. I dunno, generally they’re just too rich for me.
These looked like a couple/few bites so I figured, “why not?”

So…after snuggling with the nightmare-enhanced version of our four-year-old for 4 hours this morning, I finally got out of bed at 8:30. Matt doesn’t generally get up until around 10 or so, so I figured that I could make these and reheat them. After
making a bowl of frosted flakes, a pot of coffee, & letting the dogs out, we got started. “We?” Yes, we, because you cannot crack eggs in a house with kids without them insisting that they get to help and you get to sing Humpty Dumpty. Whatever, it
was fun!


I guess I need to back track, while The Big Man was eating his frosted flakes, I started chopping the veggies, etc. We had steak last night, so I used the leftovers from that, some scallions, bell pepper, mushrooms and Borden’s Mexican 4
cheese mix (it was open).


I didn’t measure anything, just chopped what I thought would be enough…you can always go back and add more. THEN we whisked 6 eggs and some milk (you can use water if you want fluffier eggs, which is what I usually do, but something told me to use milk…and I’m glad I did). I was pretty much going off memory and the fact that I’ve made omelets a few times but remembered that the recipe called for a dozen eggs. That really seemed like too much, again you can always add more. Needless to say, we ended up using the whole dozen.


After the eggs were whisked, I sprayed my muffin pans with non-stick spray (don’t hate on my old ass muffin pans, they work), and put a pinch of everything into the bottoms, put a little more than a pinch of cheese on the top and then I slowly poured the egg over all.


I stopped as close to the top edge as possible, next time I’ll probably stop a little short of the edges. (Figure that you’re going to need at least one egg for each muffin.)


The oven had been pre-heating at 375 and was by this time ready to go, so I popped them in and set the timer for 15 minutes. After 15, they were definitely taking shape, but still way too wet. So, I set the timer for another 10, and then again for another 5. So…that’s…uh…30 minutes. Pulled them out and let them settle for 5 minutes and plated them.


For M, they were perfect. The Big Man now wants “better muffins,
those are gross,” because muffins should taste like blueberries, bananas or cranberries. For me, eh…they could’ve stayed in another few minutes, and I’d like to see how they are with red or orange bell peppers instead, maybe some more meat and spinach.


The cool thing about these…I mean other than the fact that I just made muffin-shaped omelets and they didn’t stick to the pan AND they tasted right…is that I can freeze them and we can have them for b-fast during the school/work week. Anything
that makes my AM sprint a little less stressful is cool to me!

I had to go back to Pinterest to find the menu so as to give credit where it’s due, but seriously, people…they’re omelets. ANYWAYS, I got my idea from here: ">http://http://www.quirkycookery.com/2009/08/breakfast-egg-muffins-recipe.html

Happy cooking!

3 Responses

  1. Gotta try this. Is similar to recipe Mom did stove top.

  2. I love the muffin idea, you’re right they would freeze great for later. There are so many ingredient possibilities! I see you got the alligator showing off his manly chest at an early age…

  3. FYI: They turn out really well in the microwave too (and you know how well I can nuke stuff…lol). I’d say 1-1 1/2 minutes, on a paper towel. Give or take.

    You know what’s awesome? How I was trying to be all anonymous and keep Matt’s name out of it and then totally FAILED. Oh, well.

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