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CSA–A Season in Review

Last week, we received our last CSA of the season. This was our first time joining a CSA and we went with Abundantly Green, for those locals that are interested. We signed up early and got a really good deal. It worked out to be a little over $20 a week for the produce we received. Some weeks, we certainly got more than that would get us at the farmer’s market, other weeks probably not so much but I think it worked out all in all.

I’m pretty passionate about supporting local business and eating organic produce so it definitely made me feel good about the money that we were spending, even if at times I was challenged by the produce. There were weeks where, if I had to eat another leafy green vegetable, I would have screamed. I also had a particular challenge with the pattypan squash in later weeks. Cucumbers would inevitably go to waste, and I always turned down the fennel that came with our bags for a few weeks.

We’ve given a lot of thought about whether we want to continue with this farm, seek out other options, or stop doing the CSA thing all together. I’m definitely leaning more towards not stopping all together but there is another local farm that has a more flexible program that I’m interested in learning about. So I guess right now, we are keeping our options open. Our current farm is only a few miles from our house so swinging by every Tuesday evening is really convenient and doesn’t make me feel obligated to frequent Saturday Farmer’s Markets, leaving our weekend a little more flexible. We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to show the progression of our weekly bags! (This is more for me than you – I want to be able to look back on it while we are making a decision! Thanks for indulging me.)

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One Response

  1. I actually really liked seeing this! It was my first year participating in CSA too, so it’s been fun comparing my goodies to yours every week (I got mine on a Wednesdays too I might add). Definitely with you on the abundance of greens in the beginning, and having more fennel than I knew what to do with, but overall it was a really positive experience for me. I’m actually signing up for another vegetable box and a meat box for the winter.

    Also, if those are the same red peppers pictured above that I got in my CSA they are KILLER.

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