New Rules of Lifting: Fat Loss I

Workout Log:


Workout Schedule: (click to enlarge)

There were a few pretty intense weeks in there with my half marathon training and a couple of recovery weeks while I nursed a knee/hamstring flare up and took it easy on the weights. All in all, it took me 6 weeks to complete what should have theoretically taken me only 4 (lifting 3x/wk) but I’m okay with that considering I was training for the half, ran a 10k, stepped up my yoga game, and did some cross training.



Please note: I am not following the diet plan and was training for a half marathon even though long, steady state cardio isn’t recommended with this program. You can follow my cross training on DailyMile. And for curious minds, I’m currently up a couple of pounds, still taking progress pictures, and not calorie counting or anything for the time being.


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  1. I’ve had such better results since I stopped the long steady state cardio sessions and hi rep weight training. Unecessary wear and tear, strain on joints, ligaments, and tendons. Higher intensity cardio in shorter time frames (like walking with a real purpose or adding short 30 sec intervals with 40 sec rest periods to my 20 min walk), strength training 2x week at 8-12 reps for 8-10 exercises using a weight that challenges me (overload principle), mixed with some yoga for added strength and flexibility…has proved effective. So happy to let that grueling routine go. Having scleroderma I have to work out much smarter and make the most of my energy. I found that even too much yoga isn’t good. More isn’t always better. I hope you meet your goals safely, and that hamstring gets feeling better.

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