CSA Weekly


Holy squash, batman! We got a lot this week and I’m super anxious about using it up. I fly out on Saturday for a week and I highly doubt that Huz will be brave enough to cook one of these suckers up while I’m gone. I don’t blame him. I don’t even want to myself.


So we have a couple pattypans, a tiny delicata, a crookneck, and this guy:


He’s apparently a Guatemalan Blue Banana. I picked the smallest one available and I’m still intimidated.

Along with all the squash galore, we also got parsley (ew) and a couple beets.


And that, my friends, is all she wrote. The end of our summer CSA share. Next week, I’ll be recapping and compiling some thoughts on the whole deal so stay tuned. I’m definitely curious to see how CSA’s are going for everyone else in other parts of the continent!


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  1. Squash are great. We got a blue guatamalen last year. We are getting a hubbard this week…very hard to cut into i think. I think the blue will keep in a cold place for a few weeks.
    We will get fall produce in our CSA for another couple months. We live in Northern Colorado

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