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Poulsbo Half Marathon 2011


(All photo creds to my Super Fan Husband! Chilly start, it was in the low 40’s. Eek!)

I still consider myself a running newbie. I’ve only done a handful of races and have only been running “seriously” for 8 months. But for some reason, going into this race, I expected to be more confident and less nervous and {spoiler alert} I really wasn’t.


Training for this, I followed the same kind of idea as last time with doing a long run on Sundays, a couple shorter runs during the week. I definitely clocked in higher mileage than last time, which I’m proud of, and I’ve gotten a teensy bit faster, but nothing really of significance.

Weekly miles since my last half to last week.


Those 3 & 4 mile weeks were before I officially started training and just took a breather from running. It was nice. That 12 mile week was Ragnar and Ragnar alone.

This was only my second half marathon, the first being in July, in Seattle, and the course was flat as a pancake – perfect for a first half. Poulsbo does not resemble a pancake. It’s more like a bagel. Or a donut. Do you see it or am I crazy?


Yeah, see that last 2 miles? Jerks.

It didn’t come to a surprise to me. I’ve been obsessing studying the route for months. I even drove up to P-town for a 10 miler a month or so ago just to see how bad it really was. And it kicked my butt. We’re talking 13:00-14:00 minute miles there. But in my defense, it was a flippin’ hot day and we got started late.

And race day is different, right? You know, adrenaline and all.


Just starting out.


About 1.5 miles in…

Race day started the same as any – an early wake-up call, toasted PBJ and a hard boiled egg, nerves rattled. I wasn’t really expecting to PR – the course was vastly different, significantly more challenging, and I didn’t have Husband to run with me and push me and motivate me since he has been sidelined with injury. I did plan on running with a friend but it’s different. Huz will tell me to pick my ass up when needed. Ellen is much nicer. And prettier but don’t tell my husband I said that. (She’s also super hardcore and ran the Portland Full Marathon last weekend!)


About the halfway point, running through downtown Poulsbo.


This was the 2nd Annual Poulsbo Marathon and it’s still a decently small local race – no closed off streets for us. I think I heard there was 400ish participants? No complaints from me!


About 8 miles in, running down the boardwalk.


This course was super hilly, much hillier than the elevation map appeared. But we kept on trucking. We had awesome views of the water for a few miles of the course.


As I predicted, the last two miles totally kicked my ass. Thank goodness Ellen was there to keep pushing me! She ran a couple paces ahead of me and that kept me going. At this point, I realized that a PR was actually within reach and that definitely helped me going – my hips were on fire at this point but I was otherwise in good shape.


The route ended at the high school, making almost a full lap around the track.


I can’t even take myself seriously with that ponytail flapping in the wind.


It wasn’t a chip timed race – the clock said 2:23:45, my Garmin was about 10 seconds behind that for when we actually crossed the start line. Either way, it’s a solid PR. (Last Half was 2:27:27)



1: 10:18
2: 10:13
3: 10:16
4: 9:52
5: 10:59
6: 11:18 (Gu)
7: 10:29
8: 11:02
9: 11:07
10: 11:31 (Gu)
11: 10:58
12: 12:12
13: 11:56
.16: 1:30 (9:02 pace)

I definitely did a little better with pacing this time around and didn’t crash quite as hard at the end, even with the hills. I’m actually pretty proud of this performance. We’ll see how I feel later though! Also, I met the darling Allyson there! (Just when you want to meet someone for the first time – feeling and looking your worst. We must do lunch so I can redeem myself.) Her husband PRed too! Guess it was a good running day all around!

We headed out for trashy diner breakfast afterward (the nice thing about an early race!)


Devoured. All. Of. It.

And took an ice bath for the first time.


Brutal, but necessary.

14 Responses

  1. You are too cute – love that first running picture of you! 🙂 CONGRATS ON PR’ING what a great accomplishment! 🙂 Very proud of you for kicking some bootay!

    • lol… thanks. I think I look retarded in every picture because I was trying to look really happy/smiley in all of them. Oh well. Better than looking like death, I suppose!

  2. Woooo!! I’ve been sucking on twitter lately and missed all the tweets about this! Congrats on the surprise PR, I love that you have become a runner and doing something you enjoy now. You make me all proud 🙂 Also, diner breakfast looks fab. Also also, sorry to hear The Huz has been sidelined.

  3. Wow, awesome PR! Can you believe you actually like running now?! One of these days I’ll have to brave an ice bath, but I haven’t brought myself to do it yet. Did you take one after any of your training runs?

  4. Congrats!! I just started running a few years ago and am completing a full in a few weeks. Its terrifying! But I hope to eat something similar to your breakfast afterwards!

  5. You looked great – even at the end after that huge climb! Didn’t want to rush you right at the finish, but was so excited for you. Awesome job.

  6. I love how happy you look in all the photos! Must be a great race!

  7. Congratulations on your PR! I ran this one yesterday too. I was so happy when the course turned downhill for the last mile or so. 🙂 I thought it was a fun race but I was so glad I wasn’t trying to PR or anything like that!

  8. Congratulations! I did a half marathon last weekend too–and you’re right, the bad-for-you food you get to eat afterwards is particularly enjoyable.

  9. Great job girl! I know that one isn’t easy. You did great! A PR on a tough course like that……you should do YoKon Do It on December 31st…..think about it. Another big PR for you…..

    • I like the idea of it but I don’t know about training – the weather is getting nasty and cold and dark and I despise the treadmill.

  10. Congrats Leah!!!! That is so awesome!!!!!

  11. Great job with the race! And that ice bath sounds amazing after a race – never had to do one myself, but I’ve got a half coming up and I think it might be how I’ll spend part of my day afterwards =)

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