CSA Weekly


When we pulled up to the farm yesterday, I saw a huge cart full of pumpkins and got super giddy. I wasn’t planning on buying one this week but I was excited that they had so many – I knew where we’d be buying our pumpkins this year! But then I went inside the little cooler room where you pick up your share and there was a beautiful orange sign saying that everyone gets to pick a pumpkin on their choice! Wahoo!


I let husband pick one out while I grabbed our bag and dare I say he picked the most beautifully perfect pumpkin there was? Apparently these pumpkins can be for carving or for eating. I’ve never actually cooked pumpkin so I’m thinking now might be a good time to give it a shot!

The other goodies are more of the same: peppers (that I can’t get through nearly fast enough), green beans (which I’m sort of getting tired of having every week), another pattypan squash, and some rather delicious looking greens.


And some corn on the cob. Which would be lovely to grill. Except this is what the weather is currently doing:

Texas Trip 220

Yeah, that branch hit the side of the house yesterday at 4am, waking me from my blissful slumber. I sure hope the weather clears up for my race on Sunday. High wind warnings are not my idea of a good time.


5 Responses

  1. I totally sympathize with your tree situation 😉 Looks like it might be time to start freezing some peppers and green beans for later.

  2. Wow, that is a seriously perfect pumpkin. If you’re going to cook it, I bet a soup would be awesome! Yikes- did the branch do any damage?

  3. Glad everything is OK – on another note….that is one beautiful pumpkin!!!!

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