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Oly Run 10k

Alternate Title: How to PR Your First 10k …oh wait…


On Saturday, I participated in a small local race put on my Olympic Ambulance: The Oly Run 10k.


This race was awesome for a couple of reasons.

1) It was only $10 for the registration fee.

2) It is local so no ridiculously early wake-up call.

3) Its proceeds this year went to a local boy, Hunter Million, who is battling non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.


Causes related to lymphoma hold a very special place in my heart. My former boss has been battling it for years and has escaped death a few times and is a walking miracle. And of course my dear friend, Susan, is currently kicking the crap out of it. It is so amazing that this kind of event can help someone local, one brave kid in our community. It is so amazing to see people pull together this level of support. And Hunter was there to witness it and start the race!

It was a typical Washington Fall day, gray, and dreary – such a shame because the location is gorgeous.


Fortunately, I was running with a friend that only lived a couple blocks away so we camped out at her house until just before the start.

Being that it was such a small race, about 200 participants between the 5k and 10k, the route obviously wasn’t closed to traffic and has us squirreling around East Bremerton. And it was hilly.


I was really thankful to get to run with Ellen (she was on my Ragnar team!), she definitely pushed me up those hills! It’s her typical running route so she’s pretty used to them. We only walked briefly through the 3 water stations but otherwise ran the entire time which is a pretty big accomplishment for me, especially considering those hills!



1: 10:08
2: 10:30
3: 10:39
4: 10:58
5: 10:33
6: 9:48
.2: 1:17 (8:25 pace)

The race wasn’t chip timed but according to my Garmin, I finished in 1:03:53.

My super secret goal was 1:07. So I’m pretty proud. And it gives me hope that one day, I’ll be able to run a sub 1:00 10k.


Post race, I did what any girl would do – go to the gym! (I swear I’m not crazy.) Actually, first I went home and changed out of my wet clothes, ate a breakfast sandwich, then went to the gym. Ellen and I met there to do a sweaty weights session and the only reason I did it that day was so I didn’t have to on Sunday.

Then we checked out the new FroYo joint in town – zOMG I was so excited when Husband discovered it!


It was amazing. And it is dangerously close to my work. And the gym. And they have one of those frequent eater punch cards. uh oh. And they also have a delicious Mango Tango non-dairy flavor. Yep, I’m in trouble.

Dinner was also an unnecessary gorge fest that was absolutely fabulous and included a margarita the size of my head.


Yes, I do races, regardless of distance, just for the excuse to eat and drink in excess.

The real excuse was that my dad was in town doing errands and invited us to dinner. And who are we to deny the man of good eats?


Next race: Poulsbo Half Marathon in exactly 1 month. What’s Norwegian for Oy vey?


9 Responses

  1. A PR is a PR – congrats! And I think that running weather looks PERFECT, actually.

  2. Yayyy! Love that you did this!! Hunter will kick the crap out of lymphoma too.

  3. Lymphoma affects many lives. Cudos to you on the run and raising awareness.

  4. Great job on the 10k! I will take any excuse for a giant margarita!

  5. Mexican food and margaritas would totally motivate me to run. So awesome that you did this. You are fast! I want to do a 10k before the end of this year. (It was my New Year’s Resolution.) I hope I can find a good one like this.

  6. Congratulations on your personal record time. I also like to go out for Mexican food and margaritas to celebrate a race finish, so I had to comment.
    Nice work!

  7. Congratulations on the run and for contributing to an important cause! That plate in front of your dad is holy-cow-enormous! 🙂

  8. Awesome job! 10k are my least favorite distance. Just painful enough for too long. You did awesome! Margarita deserved!

  9. Thank you for this fabulous post! Mark your calendar and tell your friends…the second annual OlyRun will be held on August 4, 2012 at Lions Park. The event this year will benefit 9-year old Amina Bowman who was shot in her 3rd grade classroom in February. Amina is currently progressing through a long and difficult recovery. We’ll be in purple this year to support her cause!

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