New Rules of Lifting: Break In

Since completing New Rules of Lifting for Women, I’ve started on the original (aka men’s) version. It has a lot more moving parts to the program and is much more customizable. I selected the path of “Eternal Beginner” which specifies doing the Break In Phase for 4 weeks, twice a week.

Workout Log:


Calendar – click to enlarge:


Please note: I am not following the diet plan and am training for a half marathon even though long, steady state cardio isn’t recommended with this program. You can follow my running program on DailyMile.


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great workout – I’m training for a half myself, so it’s good to know you’ve mixed in quite a bit of strength here.

  2. I’m just beginning Stage Two of NROL4W. I loved the first phase, but then traveled for 3 weeks so now I’m just getting back into the program. I’m curious, how did you feel by the end of the whole program? Also, in terms of the cardio, did you only stick to minimum cardio while doing the program and only now start your marathon training or did you do endurance cardio throughout? I’m just wondering because I feel like I’ve gained strength and muscle tone but haven’t improved on my cardio as much as I would have liked to.

    • I actually talked a lot about this stuff in my last NROL4W video here. Endurance cardio isn’t really recommended while doing this program but I’ve grown to love it and strive for a healthy balance in my life so I did it! I actually ran a half marathon, 12k, and a 190-mile relay race while doing NROL4W. So yes, lots of cardio – usually 3x a week, sometimes 4. When you do endurance and strength training at the same time, your body will be inclined to prefer the endurance training for whatever reason so yes, my strength results were impaired by the amount of running I was doing. It is a very personal choice though! Lou and Alwyn seem to think you can’t improve your strength and cardio at the same time. I disagree, but it does impair your strength results. I’m definitely stronger but I don’t have the definition I would have liked to see.

  3. I just commented on your youtube video and thought I’d comment on here, too. I think it’s great you are following these books. I just finished a year of the program. Although I’m about 2 months behind schedule…I’m a beast! this program has helped me gain ~25 lbs of muscle. Obviously, that’s not be what you want. However, I think it would work wonders for women and men alike.
    I’d love to hear more about your experiences on the program. I started a blog about my personal experiences with NROL and have about 3 months of posts so far. It’s in the early stages still. Hope I can be as detailed and consistent as you are with your site. Very impressive website.

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