CSA Weekly

Thank you guys so much for your kind words, yesterday. I’m saddened that I’m not the only one to experience something like that but am trying to not let it get to me. Tomorrow, I’m hitting the pavement again. Not sure if I will ever return to that same track or not, might have to find a new place and make some more running friends. Oh, and I’ve already ordered a Spibelt so I have my phone with me at all times.


This week’s bag was a little on the light side and didn’t really have anything particularly interesting.

I’m pleased that we are still getting potatoes, but I’d like to see a little more variety.


More green beans – a different and not as delicious type.


Fun looking purple kohlrabi cropped up. (By the way, I did cook that kohlrabi last week, roasted, and it was incredibly bland.)


I’m super excited about this cute little onion!


PS – Where the heck did this summer go?! How is it September?!


3 Responses

  1. I just read what happened, I would not want to go back to that track. Also the road ID is a neat thing to have.
    Your CSA will be filled with more fall items, hopefully some good acorn or butternut squash next time.

  2. I really like my spibelt. It doesn’t hold a TON, but it holds enough. It makes me more comfortable to have my phone and id on me.

    Our CSA has never given us kohlrabi. jealous.

  3. I just read what happened. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Be careful! I do not want anything to happen to you.

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