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Foto Friday

Since cooking has been minimal and new recipes nonexistent, and it’s a happy, happy Friday of a long weekend for us, I thought it would be fun to show you the last 10 pictures I took on my blackberry. (Idea is totally ripped off of Janetha’s instagram posts!)

My spoiled rotten dog getting consta-petted by the Huz. She’s got him wrapped around her little paw.


Bibs! All ending in lucky #7’s! We’ll see if the streak continues with my next race!


Her frisbee also doubles as the best back scratcher she can get her paws on.


I’m obviously obsessed with my dog. She loves looking out the living room window, waiting for Jodus to get home, watching the cars, barking at the mailman. Yep, she’s that kind of dog.


A friend we met while on a nature walk a couple weeks ago.


My inaugural Oktoberfest for 2011!


And this is why we live in Washington and endure 9 months of rain. Driving over the Hood Canal Bridge to my naturopath appointment!


Spotted: The perfect belt for Susan. I’m still debating on going and actually buying it but I don’t know if she’d actually rock it or not. Haha. I would.


Yes, more Pippin. Sitting all ladylike on the couch. Apparently she got too tired looking for Jodus to come home and gave up. (He’s been working mad overtime lately!)


Last but not least: New haircut and color. Darker, obviously. And just a trim basically. (Want to see blonde?)


Have a happy weekend, all!

5 Responses

  1. I love photos!! The Foto Friday is a great idea!! Love your haircut btw… I wish mine would fall like that. Gorgeous!!

  2. Cute pics! Your doggie is so sweet!

  3. The abundance of pup pics made me so happy! Knock me off anytime haha

  4. Holy crap, I inadvertently stole the idea for this post this week! I’m sorry, but I do have to say great minds think alike 😉

    And yes, I would wear that belt. I have no shame in my waffle game.

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