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What I Ate on Wednesday

I know I’ve gotten away from the Daily Eats style of posting but I’ve gotten a couple of questions recently with regard to what I’m eating while I’m half marathon training and lifting so I thought I’d have a show and tell.

On Wednesday, we got up at 4:40a and went to the gym. I had a few dates in the car. We lifted weights (squats, split squat, DB row, Push-ups, crunches) and headed home. Post showering, I pounded a protein shake (unsweetened almond milk + vanilla brown rice protein powder).

Breakfast should come as no surprise!


Waffles! I made waffles (blend of spelt, garbanzo, and brown rice flour) topped with mashed (red) banana and almond slivers.


Yes, it was as bomb as it looks. (And please don’t ask me why I have two forks.) Oh, bananas! How I’ve missed thee!

My packed lunch included 2 hardboiled eggs, a mean salad, and sparkling water.


The eggs are eaten as snacks. Generally one in the morning and one in the afternoon. With salt.


The salad, complete with CSA greens, had turkey breast, grape tomatoes, goat cheese, and a homemade honey mustard vinaigrette.


I definitely pack salad at least once a week, usually twice to get through the lettuce from our CSA. Otherwise, I’m rocking leftovers, naturally!

And these sparkling waters: I’m obsessed.


We bought a Costco pack of these guys for our BBQ a few weeks back and I’ve been nursing them. They are so refreshing and nice change of pace from standard, boring H2O!

{Unpictured: a handful of almonds}

After work, we powered through cleaning our house; my mother-in-law is coming to visit today! Yay! (Yes, that’s a good thing! No MIL complex here!) Since we were planning a busy evening, I planned an easy dinner.


Oh hello, lover! (Sexy new multi-cooker aka crockpot!)


Chicken tortilla soup (based on this recipe) with lots of tortilla chips FTW.


Plus another half a bowl cuz I was hangry.


Evening snack? Nada. Sometimes if I’m munchy, I’ll snack on some nuts or have a piece of chocolate carob. Today was on the lighter side – my best guess is ~1600 cals. I am probably closer to 2000 most days.


3 Responses

  1. That salad looks epic. I’m impressed. Looks like some good eatin’.

  2. That waffle looks glorious! I need to break out my waffle maker and try coming up some with GF waffle batter recipes.

    I’m obsessed with sparkling water. I swear when we have it in the house, I drink way more H20.

  3. mmmm waffle!!! I like your daily eats posts 🙂

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