CSA Weekly


This week’s bag of goodies is just that. GOODIES. There are a few new and exciting things I’m excited to try out!

Besides the usual mixed greens, we are still getting green beans, garlic, potatoes (yay!) and a tiny cucumber graced us with it’s presence.

Newcomers are green onions, oregano, parsley, golden beets, and a couple mysteries.


Strange cousin to the green bean? I’m not exactly sure.


Repeat offender: kohlrabi. I must confess, last time, I didn’t do anything with the bulb. I ate the greens but the bulb scared me. But not this week. This week, we will conquer.


And mystery green/herb?


I think I’ve deduced that it is purslane. I’m definitely excited to do something with that as well. I’m contemplating stealing another recipe off of our CSA newsletter or trying to figure it out on my own.

Decisions, decisions.


6 Responses

  1. Your mystery green herb looks like fresh thyme. I have no clue what your bean buddy is! For the bulb of your kohlrabi, try making a vinaigrette slaw out of it (it is very similar to a radish in taste and texture).

  2. I love kohlrabi! Try just a slice of it raw, and you’ll get a better feel of what to do with it. I like it sliced up and added to a fresh vegi tray. No idea what your bean thingy is – looks like mutated okra! I love CSAs, and have had a blast figuring out what to do with stuff.

  3. I think your green bean cousin is edamame and your mystery green is DEFINITELY purslane. Does it have kinda a waxy stem? Purslane grows wild here (we can literally just pick it off the side of the road) and it contains more Omega-3s than any other vegetable. We like it on salads.

    • Hm, I don’t think it’s edamame. I’ve had edamame before and it has a sort of fuzzy-ish skin. These are completely smooth and maybe only an inch or two long. They taste like a snap pea basically.

      Thanks for the purslane tips – yes, the stem is waxy. Good to hear about its benefits!

  4. I was going to say the same as L4L looks like thyme to me also…..And do you replant your green onions? I have them outside my house and its so nice to just walk out and snipe it when I need it…..

    • I tried planting green onions this year but they aren’t doing so well. My chives, on the other hand, are doing fabulously and that’s something that is really nice to have on hand!

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