Voila! 10 Minute Alfredo Chicken by Birds Eye

Leah’s note:

We received this as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program to try out and share with you guys. As I am currently off of wheat and dairy, I left this product in the hands of my pasta loving husband. As a note, the nutritionals and ingredients actually don’t look shabby at all and this is totally something that I’d have stocked as an emergency dinner … if it was something I could eat. Or maybe I’ll just keep them on hand for Husband dinners anyway.


Leah had a naturopathic appointment in Port Townsend the other night; consequently, I was on my own for dinner.



Thankfully, we had a pack of Alfredo Chicken that the folks at Birds Eye had sent Leah at the request that she do a product review. Alas, her dietary restrictions kept her from trying this out herself. Coincidentally, Leah has the perfect guinea pig at home for just such an occasion…..her husband. 

Actually, I’m probably a well-suited reviewer due to the countless frozen dinners I ate during my college/post-college single days. Seriously, I’ve probably “cooked” about 100 of these things. They serve a good purpose, that’s for sure.

The instructions couldn’t really be any simpler:

1)  Place contents of bag and sauce pouch in a large skillet with 1 tablespoon of water.

2)  Heat to a simmer over MEDIUM-HIGH heat. Stir and cover.

3)  Cook for 7-9 minutes until heated through, stirring frequently.

4)  Stir and serve.



The package advertises that dinner would be ready in less than 10 minutes, and sure enough, this cooked up very quickly. I barely had time to get my green beans ready (my wife would be so proud that I had extra veggies).  I highly recommend stirring it often, as the sauce rapidly cooks off.

I’ve had frozen dinners like this one so many times before, and can definitely say that they are not all created equal. This one actually turned out better than I thought it would. The Alfredo sauce was creamy, delicious, and did not overpower the dish. The broccoli, peas and carrots tasted as though they were fresh. Overall, this was a very quick an easy meal that I wouldn’t mind having again.


Now, I know what you’re thinking…Holy cow, that’s a HUGE portion! Leah’s husband is such a pig!


In my defense, I had just got back from a 5 mile run, and my eyes were a little bigger than my stomach. The package says that there are 3 servings. I would say that there is enough for two average adults, or an adult and a couple of kids. You don’t have to eat the whole package yourself…but I definitely won’t judge you if you do.

~ L4LHuz


2 Responses

  1. These are perfect for Trent and I when Matt goes on TDYs. They’re quick, easy and require very little clean up. AND…I take the leftovers for lunch!

    (hahaha! That was an accident)

  2. I’ll make sure L4LBro reads this, only one more year and he’s on his own….(boohoo). He’ll need some alternatives to frozen pizza and ramen noodles.

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