CSA Weekly


I was pretty freaking happy to see more potatoes in this week’s bag! I roasted them up for dinner that night with some grilled chicken and died and went to heaven.


The one new fun thing this week was a sexy leek! Not sure what I’ll do with this bad boy yet but it’s nice to get a newbie.


Also, I’m pretty sure these strangers are a type of cucumber? But I don’t like cukes so I haven’t cracked ‘em open yet. Cute though, no?


And could this bag of green beans get any larger? I think not. I might O.D. on these suckers, come next week.


I also splurged at the farm store on some zucchinis. The stripes. killed. me.



3 Responses

  1. It all looks so fresh and healthy looking! Delish!

  2. Hi…I love your blog. Never commented before but thought you might like to know the cucumber looking thing is a gherkin. They’re pretty popular here in Ireland.

  3. I just cooked with a leek for the first time last week. It was fabulous in a summer squash soup…which my CSA box has been full of this season!

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